Death Lords

Everyone knows what the grim reaper looks like. The iconic image of the cloak-wearing skeleton that wields a scythe is actually based on a pair of twin death entities that weren’t even their own boss. There’s actually a hierarchy among death entities, at the top of which are the death lords. They are basically gigantic “grim reaper-like” figures, some of whom like to use scythes.

Death entities are neither good nor evil. They exist because death itself is a part of life on every level of existence. The spirit plane is a place where words aren’t merely things that we say. On that level of existence, sometimes words are people too. In this case, the word death is intrinsically associated with the spirits that are the personification of the word.

They are the kinds of spirits that not only cause death, but revel in it as well. If a single death makes them chuckle, a massacre will make them laugh hysterically. Most of them actually like observing death more than causing it. The colossal death lords however, they all love to kill.

They do not discriminate in the slightest. They will not hesitate to kill good, evil or even their own deathly subordinates if they are suddenly struck by a murderous whim. The most powerful among them have control over death in such a way that they can command or even weaponize it in ways that that might not occur to anyone.

The state of death is easily defined in this world. Either someone has a pulse or they do not. In the celestial realm, dying means going to a dark place of death that one’s soul cannot escape. The term oblivion is used to describe the place where the vast majority of dead spirits end up. It is a dark place where the dead are not sorted by category.

It is so dark in oblivion that nobody ever bumps into each other. It was presided over by a group of death lords that were known as the keepers of oblivion. It would be impossible to fathom the amount of dead spirits that were trapped in oblivion since forever, so don’t bother. All you need to know is that the totality of dead spirits empowered the death lords, especially their king.

One day the archangel of death invaded oblivion and killed all of the souls trapped therein. The only way out was to destroy the place entirely. What had been an eternal institution of evil suddenly disappeared. That obviously did not sit well with the keepers of oblivion. They decided to confront the lord of heaven and most of them ended up dead. All but one who decided not to die in vain and instead chose to join the archangel of death.

At some point thereafter, the almighty Dominus Rex was sought out by the king of the death lords. It was an entity known as death’s constant, or immutable death. He was in fact that only entity that was capable of killing the archangel of contracts. First he sent his minion, the harbinger or death. But when he saw that the harbinger was about to die, he stepped forward and promptly got his skull cleaved by the archangel of death himself.

It was the first time that anyone had the audacity to attack the king of death. The king of the seraphim charged his opponent as any proper archangel should. Since both of them were immutable entities, the more powerful and violent of the two killed the other. The aforementioned harbinger of death assumed the form of a raven and now precedes the archangel of death before every battle.

All that is left of the former king of death is the energy that somehow ended up inside of the seraph king’s sword, endbringer. It was the only way to save the kingdom of heaven. In order to do so, one needs to have a body count higher than death itself. The only question is, who is next?

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