The Conclave of Eternity

Just when we thought that we knew everything there is to know about eternity, more cosmic entities appear and throw our assumptions out the window. It turns out that there was a sort of governing body lead by a “supreme” entity that established the cosmic order of things. They were known as the conclave of eternity. Perhaps you already know the reason for the past tense.

The status quo as it is now is actually something that had to be established deliberately. Even the war between good and evil had to be arbitrarily set in motion at one point. Before spirits and entities floated around the cosmos looking the way that they do now with shape and form, everyone floated round aimlessly as formless energy.

At some point, the entities formerly known as the conclave of eternity and their leader established that existence would be divided into dimensions. Each dimension had a requisite amount of spirit beings of all kinds. That means entities of good, evil, and everything in between were set against each other like animals in some kind of cosmic arena.

The shapeless energy was then given form. The good were to appear as the deities of the ancient pantheons supposedly looked. They determined that the evil ones would look like what we think of as monsters. Anecdotally, they actually have their own standard of monstrous “beauty”, but that is neither here nor there.

The death entities were given the appearance of what we might think of as the grim reaper. Some of them actually look like rotting corpses and thus usually decide to cover their faces somehow. The myriad spirits and entities that do not fall into any of the aforementioned categories were all given an arbitrary appearance and placed in their respective dimensions.

The “ultimate” governing body had a “supreme” leader who went by the name of Anzor, which means almighty. They were the ones that established the battleground dimensions system. It was previously assumed that there were only ten ancient dimensions wherein the forces of good and evil fought for supremacy, but they were in fact countless.

The most successful warrior of each dimension was to be given a predetermined amount of cosmic energy that would denote their superiority over their peers after the conflict had been decided either way. As it turns out, that system was contrived by the conclave as a means to entertain themselves at the expense of inferiors. As cosmic energy kills almost anyone who tries to harness it, the “winner” would think him or herself supreme for a few minutes before they died.

It’s incredible to think that such supposedly superior beings could be so smug. There was one entity, however, that they could not arbitrarily give shape to. That was of course, the almighty Dominus Rex. He remained shapeless energy and as a direct consequence of that fact, the other power entities that he was grouped remained thus as well.

All the conclave and their leader could do was set him against his evil counterparts in hopes of distracting him long enough for the forces of evil to win the countless battleground dimensions and effectively gain the ability to hide forevermore. Fortunately, the entity know known as the archangel of death managed to conquer every last dimension and then storm the conclave.

The supposedly almighty Anzor was brought low and all of the cosmic energy that made him superior to his servants now belongs to the archangel of contracts. Dominus then proceeded to slaughter the rest of the conclave as well as their loyal servants who died fighting to avenge their masters. If they were supposed to be the “gods” above all others, then the upheaval of their status quo constitutes a literal storming of the heavens and the massacre of the ultimate pantheon. It also means that the title of almighty is now truly undisputed. Woe betide the enemies of the truly almighty Dominus Rex.

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