Supreme Entity

At any given time there is a struggle for cosmic supremacy going on. It is about the right to operate as you see fit on an existential level. The myriad entities that engage in such a power struggle do so for varying reasons. Most just want to go around imposing their will on others. Some simply want to protect themselves and their family. Either way, it makes for some truly spectacular conflicts.

For all the fantastical jargon and mystical implications, the spirit world is all about survival of the fittest. If one does not have the power to enforce their own will, protection from a greater entity is required. Otherwise, all manner of abuse will befall the weak. The term abuse is deliberate because there are indeed some fates that are worse than death.

One such fate would be to end up in a realm of eternal torment. It’s basically hell for dead spirits but way worse than being on fire, believe it or not. There was one case that involved humans being pulled out of hell and thrown into a “rape farm”. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

Given the kind of malevolence that is prevalent in some parts of the cosmos, it is imperative that one attains the ability to vanquish any given foe on any given day. If for no other reason, than to make sure that one can offer peace of mind to their loved ones. That is reason enough to empower oneself to the point of existential supremacy.

That is why the entity now known as the almighty Dominus Rex has been empowering himself to the point of absolute supremacy over all other spirit entities. The process involved seven rebirths and countless eons, and it was the only such process that involved suffering a mortal existence.

While not every spirit entity has the potential for absolute power, the ones that do can only be as powerful as their mind allows them to be. Think about it, an archangel that is forced to walk among inferiors without his power to strike them down on the spot has no choice but to become mentally tough by mundane standards.

It is akin to exercise for the mind that in turn empowers the soul. All seven rebirths involved demonstrating patience that he would never truly learn in the grand scheme of things. What’s more, becoming human for the second time is actually the last leg of the epic journey. It constitutes the final stage in what has been a countless-eons long refinement process that has already culminated in absolute power on the cosmic scale.

The first spirit entity to achieve supremacy went by the name of Dynastron. He was the strongest and fastest cosmic entity ever until he was spectacularly brought low by the archangel of death. If you think that the lord of slaughter has any competition at this point, it’s because you do not know that he killed all ten conclaves of eternity and took their cosmic power of order.

Dominus also vanquished the beasts of the void and took their power of destruction. The void was where entities who could not be forced to submit to the conclave went to do as they see fit. That was until the archangel of death destroyed the place and everyone in it. He had previously attained the power to kill the undying when he killed an entity known as the specter of death, so it took a few days for all of them to truly die after being stripped of their power.

Having taken the cosmic powers of creation and destruction for himself, there are no others who can lay claim to the title of absolute king of eternity. As if that was not enough, he then placed his soul empire in it’s own private reality that is truly unreachable by anyone who should not be there. In the most mundane of terms, that means game over.

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