Dominus Rex vs the Chaos Gods

Order and Chaos are two alternate ways to say good and evil. Just as much as when we say light vs darkness, order and chaos are anathema to one another. The ten chaos gods have existed in the chaos dimension since time immemorial. Today we will discuss who they were as well as how and why they were brought low.

The notion of chaos is often a far cry from the actuality of it. It is, in fact, a tangible and supernatural quantity. To put it simply, chaos is possible in the mundane world because of ruinous emanations that come from the chaos dimension and the aforementioned chaos gods who dwell within. Again, only the true definition of chaos is pertinent.

They elected to forego having names at all because that would have been too orderly for their liking. One day they decided to approach the almighty Dominus Rex under the guise of being his sons. Everything was going smoothly until the day that their true nature reared its ugly head. It was an ill-fated encounter indeed.

With one fell cleave, the chaos gods were brought low because they happened to be standing in a row. That should have been the end of it but alas, it was not. They re-materialized in the chaos dimension and then approached the sword saint again.

They tried to convince the archangel of death to allow them to enter the empire of light once again, but this time they were met with open contempt. All they managed to do was divulge the nature of their power and therefore how to eliminate it.

They were reborn in the chaos dimension, and they had previously consumed the power of one of their own void beasts. An entity that can consume the power of others will naturally want to become as powerful as possible. Therefore it stands to reason that if the chaos dimension is infinite but the chaos gods therein are not infinitely powerful, that means that they can only consume so much power.

Moreover, if their ability to re-materialize is predicated on the existence of the chaos dimension, one would need to eliminate it in order to truly fell the chaos entities that fashioned themselves as gods. It just so happens that the dominant king of eternity has been consuming energy for countless eons in a row.

Having ascertained the nature of the chaos entities’ power, high king Dominus Rex promptly proceeded to go to the realm of infinite chaos and absorbed every last bit of it. At some point shortly thereafter, the ten chaos gods died and did not rise again. Such is fate, as they say.

The empire of light is home to true happiness. So much so that every powerful entity on the cosmic stage converged on the archangel of death and were swiftly brought low either one by one or as cosmic hosts whose numbers were truly countless. The common denominator amongst all of the ill-fated entities who dared form up to give battle against the sword saint is that they all said that only the almighty Dominus Rex would be audacious enough to create a place that is so enviable. An unceremonious end for ill-fated wretches, nothing more.

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