Attack of the World Eaters

Just when everything looked like it was all over, the war between the darkness and the light escalates to a whole new level. It is a conflict that has raged on for an eternity on several different levels and on several different fronts. Just when we thought we knew everything there is to know about just how despicable evil bastards can be, more of them show up with an even dirtier bag of tricks.

It’s easy to paint supernatural entities with a broad brush. You might hear the term cosmic entity and think that it applies to spirits who reside in outer space. In all actuality, the term cosmic entity refers to beings whose existence pertains to all realities and therefore dimensions. For example, there is a class of cosmic entities that are the supposed to be the purest and most powerful representation of their respective spiritual element.

There are indeed myriad kinds of spirits besides good and evil; such as chaos, death, fate and so forth. Should one of the aforementioned class of cosmic entities die, their respective element would be diminished in a significant way across the board. This is the point where you might think that the war between the darkness and the light is a niche conflict that can be avoided entirely, but you would be wrong.

Beyond the class of cosmic entities that we just went over, there exists an entirely different tier that put the previous level to shame in terms of power and existential significance. They were the eternally warring factions of celestial luminescence and eternal darkness. They actually insisted on using those terms instead of good and evil.

The eternal darkness faction is particularly heinous among evil bastards, and that’s saying something given some of the atrocities that have come to light thus far. They were actually powerful enough to not only consume entire realities, but trap and torture the denizens therein presumably forever. They did so by locking their prey inside of their hideous souls and torturing them the way that we might digest food, except there is no release.

They had fought to a stalemate with their counterparts until they created fell beasts that could swing the odds in their favor because of the numbers advantage. With the celestial luminescence faction tied up in skirmishes with their most hated adversaries, the fell beasts were free to devour entire realities for their masters.

Here’s where things get bizarre. Both factions were actually competing to see which side could devour the most realities. Keep in mind that a reality is comprised of countless dimensions that are infinitely expansive. At this point the celestial luminescence faction claimed to have consumed more than half of the countless realities that have existed for an eternity. So by that measure, the primordial light side was winning.

The eternal conflict came down to the last two realities. The one where earth is, and the reality of light that was created recently by the almighty Dominus Rex. After having conquered the countless battleground dimensions single-handedly, he realized that there were parallel dimensions full of enemies and thus decided to created a new reality entirely.

The world eating monstrosities were not able to attack the new reality of light and thus decided to attack this one. Obviously that brought them into conflict with the archangel of death, who promptly brought low the existential threat and even consumed their energy so as to become exponentially stronger.

When he encountered the celestial luminescence faction, the emperor of light thought that the enemy of his enemy could be his friend. Alas, it turns out that they were jealous and subsequently had to be struck down. But at least the lord of slaughter managed to consume their primordial light. That is significant because the death of the keeper of said light would cause the loss of light for almost everyone on existence.

This particular light faction was interesting because they only ever fought by fusing their hundreds of members together into an archangel. Apparently, that was the first ever instance of an entity identifying as an archangel. You can imagine the fireworks of that conflict. The archangel of death even ripped the supposedly original archangel’s wings off before beheading him, thus establishing who the true archangel is.

The sword saint even managed to revive all of the countless realities that had been devoured and joined them to this one in the spiritual sense. There is much to be said about the story of eternity. But the most important thing is that the champion of light will always prevail. That is great news, if you happen to be someone who thinks a certain way.

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