Levels of Eternity

Just when we think that we know everything there is to know about eternity, an even bigger monstrosity with an axe to grind appears. As it tuns out, the deeper one dives into the celestial plane, the bigger and stronger the entities found therein are. As luck would have it, there just so happens to be an apex predator roaming about the deep end of the spirit plane. By now, you should probably be able to guess the name.

Think of it as levels in a video game. Except that the monsters that you encounter on each level are so big that they dwarf the size of the known universe. They possess the kind of power that compels weaker beings to kill themselves out of fear. Incidentally, the archangel of death just so happens to be on a military campaign that involves slaughtering any monsters that cross his path.

At this point you might be thinking that there will be some sort of limit to our hero’s power and that he will inevitably bite off more than he can chew. Fortunately, the almighty Dominus Rex grows stronger, faster and smarter after each battle. He slaughters countless fiends so violently that they turn into power crystals. The beast of eternity then absorbs the power of each crystal, thus multiplying his own power exponentially in the process.

The notion of consuming the power of vanquished enemies is not new by any stretch of the imagination. What is different about the archangel of contracts is that he turns spirit energy into physical energy. After a series of fateful events, Dominus ended up with a physical body in the spirit plane. The fact that supernatural entities do not typically have bodies makes physical power superior.

It is akin to how super powers work in comic books. Somehow a person with a human body can do things that other people cannot. They can possess attributes that involve elemental mastery or super speed, strength and so forth. The reason that those kinds of attributes are possible in the celestial plane is because reality can be redefined by individuals who have the means to push beyond their limits.

In this case, mundanity has been utilized to redefine divinity. The archangel of death now has power that can be measured by his supernaturally dense muscles. That is how he was able to empower himself without growing to proportions so big that society cannot be enlarged to match his stature. Apparently there is a point at which one’s size can preclude living in cities because of existential reasons, no matter how big the city.

Because of the decision to become denser rather than bigger, Dominus Rex’s soul is heavier than any earthly measures can even quantify. In other words he is incalculably heavy in the celestial plane. Fortunately his weight is relative to his strength, so it feels normal. The fact that his fire and lighting powers are correlated with his muscle density means that his opponents simply cannot properly quantify or defend against them.

Moreover, his speed and intelligence are also increased in a way that is proportional to his power. That is how the archangel of death is able to contend with all of the biggest monstrosities of eternity. The fact that he is defined by physicality in the celestial plane means that he has esoteric ways of empowering himself. Namely, forging his divine artillery by hand. Twin hand cannons that are obviously of divine make named cause and effect; an even bigger two-handed gun named hard light, and a rocket launcher named supernova.

As if that wasn’t enough firepower, he created two weapons of mass destruction that rain death from above onto the battlefield. The onslaught protocol is when a universe-sized space station in the empire of light fires rockets and lasers into portals that open up above the battlefield, thus laying waste to all who are foolish enough to think that they have the numbers advantage against the archangel of contracts. It is difficult to imagine a universe of rockets and lasers firing at the same battlefield. Then again, you don’t have to.

The extinction edict is the result of an implant that Dominus made at his secret laboratory that is designed to galvanize his techno-forming ability. That is to say that it enhances his ability to create intricate machinery by manifesting metal and crafting it with telekinesis. That is how countless, massive metallic spheres full of volatile cosmic energy manifest and rain death and destruction on a scale that dwarfs the size of a universe and scales upwards proportionately with the master of the divine forge’s power.

That is how the almighty Dominus Rex approaches the war against evil. By making sure to negate any semblance of an advantage that the enemy may claim to have and simply destroying everything in sight on the field of battle. Victory has been declared prematurely in the past, but there is no way to overcome the cosmic power of righteousness. It is a tangible quantity that has flooded into the archangel of death’s soul so as to become a person rather than disembodied energy. It effectively makes the almighty Dominus Rex invincible.No matter how deep eternity really goes, evil has surely met its end on an existential scale.

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