High Lord Archangel

The existence of angels is something that has been debated in our world since time immemorial. Some people believe that angels look like us but taller and with wings. Others believe that they are thousand-eyed monstrosities with several heads. As with most things, the truth is a bit more complicated than we might imagine at first glance.

The original angels looked like humanoid birds. They had arms and legs like we do but were obviously more akin to creatures than people. They were genderless but their personalities and voices reflect either a masculine or feminine affinity. They had a very strict caste system in which the high angels stood alone at the top.

They were termed thus because they were the most powerful and what some might call “true eternals", on account of the fact that they did not have to evolve like other eternal beings might. They lived in large, floating metropolises and went about their angelic business. Each of these city-states was ruled by a high angel lord and a sort of privy council.

Beneath the high angel lord and their ruling council were the high angel captains. They took orders only from their lord and were in charge of entire companies of high angel warriors. As you might imagine, their civilian populations relied entirely on their military dictator and their standing army.

At one point, five of the high angel lords made a deal with a higher power and were termed high angel overlords because of the vast power that they received in exchange for their loyalty. The newly anointed overlords were keen to gain greater power when they saw that a high angel captain had embarked on a quest for power and ended up being named the high angel champion.

Their champion’s name was Vrostus, which means king of the roost. “He” took on a heroic role that involved offering protection to the other high angelic city-states. If for some reason the lower castes needed help, they knew better than to ask their superiors. It is because their cries would fall on deaf ears.

If you are familiar with the term archangel, it is because of the very first archangel. At one point he went by the name of Metatron. He was actually a power entity named Rex that had been reborn an archangel almost six hundred thousand years ago with no memory of his previous identity. The rank of archangel is similar to that of a high angel captain or lord and so forth. After a series of escalating conflicts that included butchering the demon faction, he encountered the high angels for the first time.

Because of both existential and philosophical differences, the high angels decided to declare war on the archangel of death. Needless to say, the eternal king of the seraphim slaughtered every last one of them. Because of his background as a power entity, the archangel of contracts absorbed their angelic essence and assimilated it into his soul. He even vanquished the “higher power” that gave the now-dead high angel “overlords” their power.

After having been transformed by the incident, the entity now known as Dominus Rex became a high lord archangel. The interesting thing is that angelic essence is technically not light energy in the celestial plane. Nor is true demonic essence categorically evil, no matter how despicable their behavior typically is. Try to remember that energy is a tangible quantity that one can hold in their hand like an object. That way you will be able to separate semantics from substance.

If you’re keeping score, you will have noticed that the light and the dark are known quantities but do not have exclusive rights to produce heroes and villains respectively. That is why the newly risen high lord archangel had to kill both the original angels and the true demons.

Apparently, the high angels could not accept a superior angelic caste and set out to kill the king of the seraphim. In our world, they say that things aren’t always so simple. How ironic that this statement holds true for even the highest of celestial entities.

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