Competition of Eternity

Most people are probably familiar with the notion of survival of the fittest. It is the idea that only the strong survive. Ostensibly it seems like an excuse to kill animals or generally do harm to others for personal gain, but there’s actually something to it. The truth is that survival of the fittest applies to all cosmic existence as well as our world.

There are actually entities that have been fighting in the wider cosmos for eternity. Even entities that do not want to fight will always end up in the cross-hairs of someone who does for what will undoubtedly come off as the most arbitrary of reasons. It is simply the way of things. Keep in mind that there are myriad kinds of beings besides good and evil, yet conflict abounds nonetheless.

With that bit of context as a reference, it is easy to see why the social competition in our world seems like the most natural thing ever. At best, said competition takes place in a structured society where law and order are well established. At worst, people end up dead or worse because of someone else’s ambition.

Obviously, there are massive differences between this world and the next. Here, everyone just wants to live their best life until they die. In the celestial plane, everyone hopes to live forever but most actually don’t. The reason for that is that everyone is jealous of peace and happiness. That is the truth of it.

If you happen to have the means to establish your own heavenly kingdom, you will soon realize that all outsiders will want your realm to fall, not just the evil ones. There are even governing bodies that presume to regulate cosmic life in such a way that they will never be jealous of anyone. That’s like saying that too much happiness is against the laws of time and space.

Knowing all of this, who wouldn’t choose to fight for their life or the lives of their loved ones? As we speak, the entity now known as the almighty Dominus Rex is in the process of destroying the old spirit world because of violent opposition to the new spirit world that he has long since established.

It turns out that most, if not all of the leading powers of eternity believe that no one should be beyond the competition of eternity and that everyone should live each day as if it were their last. It seems that in an existence full of infinite possibilities, the reprobates that want to bring down the true empire of heaven have labeled its sovereign protector as the villain.

It goes to show you just how little our beliefs truly matter if we do not have the power to protect that which we hold dear. There will always be someone looking to claim that their story is above all. To a certain extent, it’s normal to try and think that nothing is more important than our own needs. Not everyone would sacrifice for the sake of their realm. Then again, there are some things that only a king can do.

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