Endbringer the Omega Blade

There once was a weapon called the “omega blade”. It was born of arcane and blasphemous rituals that ultimately damned those who decided to craft it in the first place. Eternity is rife with perils uncounted, and the most deadly of great swords is absolutely one of them. Since its creation, the fell blade has never failed to kill a target in one strike. At least that was the case, until one fateful day.

There exists a kind of entity known as the anathema. They are essential anti-life monsters, meaning that everything and everyone that they encounter must die instantly. One day, a group of reprobates decided to collect traces of anathema energy and forge what they termed the “omega blade”. Unfortunately for them, the fell blade always killed whomever used it even once instantly.

One would think that the band of ne'er do wells who crafted an abomination and called it a sword would have dropped it the moment that they realized that using such an atrocious instrument of death would kill them. If so, one would be wrong. The ill-fated group was so stupid that they were effectively enslaved by the foul blade for countless eons.

That remained the case until the day that they picked the wrong target. They had previously heard of an entity now known as Dominus Rex, and that he ruled the greatest of heavenly empires. At one point, they decided to goad the archangel of contracts into a fight so as to strike him with the “omega blade”.

Fortunately, Rex was protected by the power of love in the form of a special barrier that stopped the fell blade inches before it struck the king of the seraphim. When Dominus looked and saw that they had tried to strike him with what looked like a giant piece of shrapnel attached to a sword hilt, he took it from them and killed them with it.

Unlike his assailants, the lord of slaughter was strong enough to avoid being killed by the weaponized anathema energy. After killing the idiots that challenged him, Rex melted down the despicable weapon and forged it into endbringer, the previously most deadly great sword ever. Now it is termed, endbringer the omega blade.

It has one-hit kill power and it grants the wielder the ability to skip time and strike anyone flush. That is after all how the ill-fated group that attacked him managed to get past Rex’s infallible defense. Fortunately, the seraph king’s infallible attribute is intrinsic, unlike literally everyone else who is “infallible”.

What a way to find out that being “infallible” in celestial terms does not mean being perfect. It’s actually something that everyone knows. There are entities who indeed have the means to kill the extrinsically infallible. Dominus Rex himself has slaughtered countless infallible and even immutable entities. One thing is for certain, being able to slaughter the anathema monsters in a matter of seconds means that the archangel of contracts will always eliminate his target; thus fulfilling the terms of that kind of contract.

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