The Alpha Legion

The notion of the manipular legion that was made famous by the ancient Romans is actually a concept that was born at the beginning of time. It was originated by an entity then known as the omega centurion. Now that we know why the Romans were so successful for a time, let’s talk about why that matters today.

The omega centurion was something called a terminus entity, meaning that its purpose was simply to kill indiscriminately because of the nature of its existence. The reason for using the word omega as an adjective is that he was a reflection of the omega entity.

When we think of omega, most of us think of the Greek letter. What is less known about the omega symbol is that it corresponds with the eponymous omega entity. The omega entity was born at the beginning of time when life energies first came into existence. The manifestation of the existential powers is literally the starting point of all existence.

To be clear, the big bang theory is impossible in the mundane but certainly how things started in the cosmic and spiritual planes of existence. The divine and mundane realms were created arbitrarily as the second and fourth of the four levels of existence. Because of the interconnected nature of the four levels of existence within what is essentially a multiverse, anything that is significant in one may be reflected in one or more of the others in descending order.

That is why the omega centurion was undefeated in battle since the beginning of time. Because it operated on the spiritual level, the divine realm was spared his conquest. It’s not as if the divine realm is open to all. There is an actual barrier that constitutes both the beginning and the end of the divine plane of existence. In all actuality, every fanciful notion on earth is rooted in the divine realm by divinities that embody them.

Think of every noteworthy myth, work of fiction, or culture on Earth. All of them are represented in the divine realm. For example, the United States of America was originally a divine realm where all American sports, government, and culture originated. This information will become significant at some point later on in this conversation.

The omega centurion was undefeated until he crossed paths with an entity now known as Mars Maximus. The perfect god of war was so formidable that the omega centurion’s legion abandoned him just before the conflict. After Mars promptly defeated the top terminus entity of the spirit realm, he had the omega centurion’s armor and weapons forged into his own.

At that moment he instantly became the new omega centurion. The only problem was that he inherited the omega centurion’s legion. Because of that, Mars decided to reforge his new armor and become the alpha centurion. Shortly thereafter, the newly styled alpha centurion set out to conquer all of the kingdoms of the divine realm.

The first stop on the most ambitious military campaign in all of existential history was the divine realm of America. They were known for having the most advanced military in the divine plane of existence. Think of everything that the American military is capable of today except with unlimited ammunition. After a hard-fought battle, the divine realm of America surrendered and was brought into compliance.

The next stop was the divine realm of Russia. While the Americans boasted the most advanced military, the Russians were by far the most warlike of the two divine empires. After proving his mettle yet again, the rest of the divine world scoffed at the notion of anyone conquering “their world”. Fortunately, that just gave Mars the pretext for a full-scale invasion that was over almost as quickly as it began. Only the perfect god of war could conquer the countless divine realms without suffering a single casualty. That much can be said after the fact.

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