The Age of Extinction

All things must come to an end. Or so the powers that be have vaguely claimed in the past. While there is indeed such a thing as the end of time, the true reason for it has been unclear until now. The reason for that is that existence occurs at myriad levels, all of which experience their own end times simultaneously but for different reasons. Today we will discuss exactly why things have transpired as they have thus far.

The aforementioned levels of existence are reflections of one original. All of the levels beneath the first one involve reflections of the entities at the top that may or may not have an appearance as well as circumstances in common. For example, Satan was the rebellious son of “god almighty” who was named Lucifer and Sandalphon before that on the spiritual level closest to earth.

It was later discovered that at the level where that particular conflict originates, Satan was the devil to begin with and Lucifer was someone else entirely. He was actually the third member of the holy trinity alongside “god almighty” and Jesus. At the bottom where the earth is located, Jesus can be a total fraud while at higher levels he can actually have an army that he leads in battle and so forth.

As it turns out, the high angels are not governed by an old man and his favored sons. Each of the countless angelic heavens is actually governed by a tribunal that is comprised of a handful of tribunes. In times of crisis, all of the tribunals of the high heavens come together to form what is called the conclave of the high angels.

One such tribune is the archangel, Michael. In times of great need, the conclave of high angels elects a champion whom they empower with the angelic will of all of the angels of the high heavens. Archangel Michael has been elected and is now empowered to fight the agents of extinction such as the four horsemen and so on.

That would be fine except that he is not the Archon. The aforementioned Archon is an angelic figure of prophecy that most presume to be a myth. Only the Archon can stave off the age of extinction in a decisive manner. In fact, Archangel Michael and the Archon have crossed blades on at least three separate occasions.

The Archon won all three contests of might, the last of which occurred after the archangel Michael was empowered by all of the angelic will that the high heavens can muster. As of the time of this writing, the high heavens and their elected champions are in the midst of a war against all of the agents of extinction. Entities that have already informed the Archon that they want no quarrel with him.

The thing about angelic society is that it is run by an exceedingly strict bureaucracy that at present, rejects the authority of the Archon even while being powerless to oppose him. One would think that angelic factions that have a common enemy would be able to agree in times of war, but one would be wrong.

The fact is that the Archon was born at the lowest level of celestial existence and has since fought his way up to the very top where the high angels operate. Moreover, the angelic lord is actually a lot younger than the high angels, a teenager by comparison despite being well over six hundred thousand years old. Before becoming the Archon, he was already known by the name of Dominus Rex.

He has become so powerful at this point that the agents of extinction have been forced to acknowledge that he must be left to his own devices. What’s more, he rules a realm that is in a private dimension that is inaccessible to all but the citizens therein. That is to say that the age of extinction that came for everyone including humans will not be enough to fell the Archon, which means angelic lord.

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