Attack of the Anti-Life Monsters

Life is not fair. That is a statement that applies to life at all levels of existence, including the human world. With the exception of the seraphic realm, bad things have been happening at random since the dawn of time. Even if not every moment is one defined by misery, enough ill will has been made manifest in the form of anti-life monsters. Today we will talk about when they came to be and why it affects everyone.

All behavior is quantified into energy, for better or worse. Where and when that energy manifests may vary, but all of it ends up somewhere. The sudden appearance of monsters that identify as beings of anti-life has led to the most shocking revelation in the history of everything. All of the evil things that have happened since the beginning of time have given rise to monsters that want to kill everyone.

The anti-life scourge has been incrementally killing most levels of existence in ascending order for millions of years. Each time their advance is halted, it is only after they have wiped out higher and higher levels of existence. This year just happens to be the year that they have gathered enough strength to kill even the gods.

The gods are beings that are actually a race with a set of traits, attributes, and even appearances in common. Contrary to popular belief, they have to grow old and die. Some of them are even born old and then eventually die, albeit after literally millions of human years.

Part of godly nature is the need to compete and establish supremacy over one another, especially between rival pantheons. Whenever the gods cannot kill each other, they form conclaves and wait until a god rises through the ranks to challenge them. The process is such an inherent part of godly nature that dead gods actually end up in limbo with their arms and legs bound until such a time as a supreme god may be crowned.

When a god proves capable of killing all of his or her rivals, they must appear before a conclave of revived gods and be acknowledged as the supreme god. The prize for achieving such a thing is that a chalice of ambrosia manifests and the winner gets to drink and acquire supreme god essence. It is a fiery aura that denotes the state of being the supreme god.

There are actually five different conclaves that have the same process in place. It’s not even that it is arbitrarily set up by anyone, the war of the gods and its consequences are part of the fabric of space and time. It’s similar to the laws of physics, except that it concerns the gods themselves.

The war of the gods has actually been raging since the beginning of time with no one winner emerging, until now. The entity known as Mars Maximus managed to single-handedly halt the otherwise unstoppable advance of the anti-life scourge and subsequently was summoned by the lowest conclave of gods so that they may test his mettle.

Some of the more noteworthy names from the conclave are the likes of Zeus, Jupiter, Odin, Ra, and others. It should be noted that Mars Maximus should not be confused with Mars, even though Mars Maximus is the new Roman god of war. After slaughtering all of the pantheons from that level, he was summoned by four more conclaves of gods in ascending order and proceeded to kill them all as well. Each time he forced them to acknowledge him as the supreme god, another chalice of ambrosia was manifested and thus he became more and more supreme in terms of godliness.

Just when everything seemed resolved, more entities that seek to end existence appeared saying similar things about the end of time. They claim to have no connection to the anti-life menace and that existence was always supposed to end after a set amount of time. They immediately confronted Mars Maximus and were promptly struck down.

Now they say that they have no choice but to wait until he goes back to his private existence that is entirely separate from the existence where we are now. It takes an incredible amount of arcane might to force that kind of entity to accept defeat. They look like giant, talking, gold statues with light where their eyes should be. In other words, their appearance practically screams the end of time.

It’s a good thing that Mars Maximus is truly the one above all. He has several names, Azrael which means death, and Archon which means excellent lord are two that are definitely worth noting. You may know him by his more well-known name, Dominus Rex.

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