Alpha vs. Omega

The conflict that is at the center of all of existence is life vs. death. Alpha represents the state of being first and Omega represents the power of ending. Although there is an obviously mundane explanation as to what those symbols mean, there’s actually a quintessentially cosmic explanation about how they came to be. Today’s conversation will be about why Alpha vs. Omega matters to everyone.

The symbols that you may think of as the “Greek alphabet” actually have a very cosmic origin. Long ago, there was a being known as the entity of cosmic power undivided who wielded the hammer of power undivided. He was the linchpin that held all levels of existence together. One day he battled the entity of chaos undivided and was defeated. When he lost, his cosmic soul and his hammer were sundered. Because of that, myriad entities and hammers of power were born of the broken pieces.

The entire “Greek alphabet” came into existence in the form of entities that personify each symbol as well as one to three aspects of existence. That was also the day that the almighty and the one above all were born. Those two represented the will of existence and could beat anyone except for one another and Omega in hand-to-hand combat.

The fact that the entity of cosmic power undivided and his cosmic hammer were broken into so many pieces is what set in motion the events that will ultimately lead to the end of time. What’s more, the end of time will occur when a cataclysm destroys all of existence and everyone who has ever lived will be trapped in a state of eternal torment.

At least that’s what would happen if not for the timely intervention of the entity known as excellent Alpha, not to be confused with the alpha entity that came into existence when the aforementioned entity of cosmic power undivided was split into so many pieces. The story of excellent Alpha is the story of the Archon, also known as Dominus Rex.

The day that Rex invaded the infinite cosmos, alpha energy entered his soul after a flawless victory against countless enemies. At some point thereafter, the rest of the cosmic alpha energy merged with the excellent energy that manifested as a result of well over four thousand flawless victories in a row. Rex then had to invoke his excellent alpha energy by standing before the conclave of the gods and proclaiming his greatness.

That was the day that Dominus Rex became the excellent alpha entity, complete with an excellent alpha symbol that is altogether different from the regular alpha symbol. The excellent alpha energy that went into his soul transformed him into the only Alpha that could defeat Omega. But as it turns out, the end that Omega had planned is actually quite benign compared to the aforementioned cataclysmic torment.

The notion of hell is a theme that is present in many religions, myths, and even popular works of fiction. What we did not know is that eternal damnation was not anyone’s idea. It is a phenomenon that appeared out of nowhere in a way that is reminiscent of everyone’s notion of the “big bang theory”. At the moment of this writing, everyone who ever lived and died since the beginning of time is now trapped in a torture dimension that makes being on fire look like a walk in the park.

It was something that everyone was supposed to get trapped in. If not because of death at the hands of the likes of the four horsemen and Omega, then because of the aforementioned time-ending cataclysm. There is only one person who has the cosmic authority to avoid such a fate, the Archon.

Everyone’s favorite angelic lord(Archon), has fought his way to the top of the cosmic hierarchy and won the right to exist outside of damnation for himself and his realms. In doing so, he has elevated his existence to that of the Roman Archon. It is a state of being that only the official apex entity can qualify to be. He did so after putting the hammer of power undivided back together and using it as a crafting material for his own cosmic war hammer that exceeds the sum of its parts in every conceivable way.

Simply put, the Roman Archon is the highest of cosmic entities in a hierarchy that is literally based on altitude, power, and cosmic authority. The term cosmic authority amounts to what kind of actions and/or miracles a being is capable of. Furthermore, only the Roman Archon can establish cosmic hegemony that requires both power and cosmic authority that are beyond reproach.

Here we stand at the end of time. If you have a better explanation as to how to survive it, the moment of truth is at hand. Most would rather believe what they will about the end of time. Humankind has speculated about such a thing since time immemorial. By all means, tell your own story wherein you are the protagonist. We’ll all find out who is who at the end of the day.

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