by Joel Fernandez

The archangels of heaven’s military are the stuff of legend. By now, everyone in the world knows about St. Michael the exceptionally gifted archangel. Many are aware of other big names such as Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. They are described in such a way that they can be presented to young children as the canonical superheroes of heaven. Today’s conversation will be about what is true and what has been demonstrably false up until now.

Let’s begin with the difference between an angel and an archangel. The term archangel is meant to connote rank and power level. To that end, the term archangel is synonymous with military general. Each heavenly general has 10 million warrior angels under their command and can summon them at a moment’s notice when the time for battle approaches. They are supposed to lead from the front because their superior power level has to shield the confidence of every last subordinate that follows them towards enemy combatants, who can sometimes number in the billions or even trillions.

In large scale celestial warfare, the archangel is supposed to be the gold standard around which his or her subordinates gather. Moreover, the fighting spirit of any given archangel must be something that his or her legion can be inspired by, insofar they are within their leader’s aura radius. In the spirit dimension, every divinity’s aura is of a commensurate power level and therefore volume. For example, Michael’s aura can be felt by his subordinates within an omni-directional radius of 400 miles. The next tier of archangels such as Gabriel and Raphael have an aura radius of one hundred miles.

If you bring Metatron the god killer into the conversation, the metric goes to a whole other level. As his aura can be felt across the entire Soul Universe several times over, the archangel of contracts is in a class by himself. But he was named heaven’s contract killer long before his power grew to such universal levels of destructiveness on account of his perfect military record in both large scale celestial warfare as well as single combat. To this day, Metatron’s legion has not suffered a single casualty in nearly 15,000 years of conflict. But this conversation is actually about the other noteworthy archangels.

When Metatron the Soul King decided to manifest every last piece of popular fiction and mythology from the seven human planets(of which earth is one), all of the big name archangels such as Michael, Gabriel and Raphael were reborn the way that humans have imagined them for centuries. They are powerful, brave and esoterically bold. Unfortunately, the original archangels whose names are known the world over fell tragically short of the way that they have been portrayed in popular media. That is why they all turned on Metatron and joined an enemy army in an attempt to slay the existentially renowned god of war. Just like everyone else that ever stood on the opposite side of a battle field against the archangel of contracts, they were destroyed in spectacular fashion.

At this point you might be wondering why all of Metatron’s oldest and “closest” friends decided to try to kill him. The answer is simple, they were jealous. All of heaven’s archangels were actually created by god the father, who used Metatron as the archetype. Unfortunately, they ended up being over 10,000 flawed castings that were created with the perfect mold. They, along with every other male angel in heaven, decided that the perfect had become the enemy of the good. They were so resolute in their conviction that they refused their last chance to walk away from the battle field moments before the decisive battle commenced.

Fortunately, the new archangels that replaced them are everything that their reputations suggest. They were all born with Metatron as their progenitor instead of god the father. As a result, they were born with no personality flaws and are more than capable of living up to their legendary reputations. They were born inside the White City, a jewel of angelic society that is the most beautiful city in the entire Soul Universe. They have a governing body made up of civilian angels and their military is led by the truly exceptional St. Michael, who also commands the city’s sentries. Metatron is indeed the Soul King of the universe, but he decided to preserve the white city’s autonomy and leaves all matters of governance to the city’s legislators. In the name of respecting his creation’s purpose, Metatron decided to leave all of the military matters to Michael, only joining the battle whenever there is an exceedingly difficult enemy that must be killed.

Metatron leads all of heaven’s military against external threats. As the Soul Universe’s military is over 100 trillion strong, the 10 billion members of the White City’s military is but a small part of the overall fighting force. To put things in perspective, Michael is the same power level as Superman, just not as fast as a speeding bullet like Cal’El. The White City’s military mainly fights on a post apocalyptic version of earth where humans are already extinct. They come into conflict with both the fallen angels as well as the nephilim. The leader of the fallen angels is an archangel named Azrael who is as powerful as Michael and stands in diametric opposition to the White City’s interests. The Nephilim are led by the four horsemen of the apocalypse(War, Strife, Fury, Death) each of whom is nearly as strong as Michael.

Each of the three factions stand at about 10 billion strong and they are locked in eternal conflict. As Metatron created all of them, taking sides becomes complicated sometimes. But he only answers summons from Michael because he lives in the White City and because Michael is an ideal substitute for one of Metatron’s deceased twin brothers. The other substitute is the archangel Sandalphon, who replaces Metatron’s fallen twin brother who was born with the same name but later changed it to Satan and became Metatron’s arch-nemesis. Needless to say, Satan had to be both killed and forgotten.

While the descriptions of the legendary archangels were exaggerated to an outrageous degree, the new archangels of the same name live up to all of the hype. Michael is truly exceptional among the archangels and is a paragon of virtue and courage as he is advertised. Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Abbadon, Nathaniel and Samael all have similar virtues because like Michael, their character is derived from Metatron the Soul King and not god the father.

Even though he created all of them, Metatron treats the new archangels like brothers and friends because all of his old friends and brothers had to be killed on the battlefield. Besides, Metatron has sons that actually need his guidance. !7 of them lead their own orders while others are members of his order, the Seraphim. After the massive betrayal, all of the male angels from both the Soul Universe proper as well as the 20 outer provinces had to be killed in open celestial warfare. In order to resurrect the order that he has led since the beginning of time, Metatron decided to turn all of the original inhabitants of the white city into Seraphim; meaning that their wings catch fire whenever they are excited for better or worse.

Humanity has been led to believe that Michael was the one tho defeated Satan during the war in heaven, when it was actually Metatron. Rahab, Metatron, and Sandalphon(Satan) were the three primordial archangels and thus their power level was an entire class above the rest. Michael was the fourth son and was both weaker and smaller in stature standing at 9 feet tall as opposed to the big three’s 12 feet. Satan’s rebellion would have lasted all of five minutes had god the father not cast Satan and the demons out of heaven inches before Metatron’s blade cut Satan’s head off. Despite that bit of back story, Metatron is proud of the new Michael because he is identical to him in both style, substance, as well as appearance. As the human world will be destroyed shortly after Metatron returns to heaven, it simply does not matter how misinformed many humans choose to remain on the subject.

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