The New Sons of Metatron

The New Sons of Metatron

by Joel Fernandez

A lot has happened since the creation of Metatron’s first sons. The soul society became the soul universe and then the that became the soul omniverse(10 soul universes in 10 different dimensions). Metatron’s twin brother Morpheus was born when he was separated from Metatron’s consciousness and became his own entity. He has since been given enough spirit energy to create his own multiverse that is both equal in size and adjacent to Metatron’s. That is precisely why Metatron’s first batch of sons turned out to be rotten. Because some archangels don’t respond well to change and because tensions tend to escalate quickly in the spirit dimension. Today’s conversation will be about Metatron’s new sons and why they are special in their own right.

At one point during the incremental expansion of the first soul universe, New orders of angels came into existence by random chance. After Metatron spoke new parts of the soul universe into existence and snapped his fingers, countless planets, stars and heavenly people were born in a matter of seconds. Among them were new angelic orders that each had their own unique characteristics as well as their own esoteric appearance. That all changed when Pyro the archangel of fire and Hydro the archangel of storms were born.

When Morpheus was born, Metatron was actually trying to create a special son. The recipe that he used was such that the new son would be a conduit for the will of of the spirit dimension itself. As soon as he was born, Morpheus claimed to be the Metatron’s twin brother who was actually embedded in his brother’s consciousness since the beginning of time. After being tested by being shot at point blank range with Metatron’s omnipotent energy pistols and not being affected at all, it became generally accepted that Morpheus was Metatron’s twin brother. There’s also the fact that Morpheus and Metatron’s respective auras displace one another instead of blending together like everyone else.

One day, Metatron decided that one more test was in order. He decided that he would try to replicate the creation recipe that he used with Morpheus to see if he had another brother somewhere inside his divine constitution. That was the moment when Pyro was born. Metatron intended for Pyro have the gift of pyrokinesis at birth so that his affinity with fire would be exceptional. The plan worked out better than Metatron could hope. Not only is Pyro gifted in the art of manifesting and manipulating fire, he was born as strong as archangels like Michael(new) and Megatron(another son of Metatron) in his base form as opposed to needing to ignite his seraphim passion in order to double his power temporarily.

Divine creation is always a roll of the dice, for better or worse. In Pyro’s case, he got an extra ability that made some of Metatron’s older sons jealous. His fire is such that if he lights someone on fire, only he can put it out unless his opponent is near a body of water that they can submerge themselves in. That was just the beginning of the Pyro’s brothers’ resentment. At some point, Pyro decided that he wanted a twin brother whose power had to do with water. That was the moment that Hydro the archangel of storms was born. His powers and abilities were a mix of hydrokinesis and electrokinesis which were the elements that pertained to the Aquaphim and the Lightning-Walkers respectively.

The fact that Pyro is so exceptional as a fire-wielding master swordsman compelled heaven’s military to consider him the quintessential Seraph and thus the leader of the Seraphim, a title that had belonged to Metatron since the beginning of time. When Metatron decided to officially acknowledge Pyro as the new leader of the Seraphim, that is when everything went south with his other sons who felt like they were being passed over in favor of their younger brothers.

One thing led to another and eventually all of the so-called leaders of the new angelic orders had to be executed for treason along with their entire orders because of the fact that they had sided against Metatron in the last civil war and had only been revived as an attempt to appease the “leaders” who sided with their father at that time.

And just like that, billions of archangels and angels were wiped from the face of existence in the blink of an eye. In order to fill the void left behind by his now dead sons, Metatron decided to create new orders of angels by blending the noteworthy powers and abilities of two defunct orders at a time in order to create one new order. Hydro was named the prince of the maelstrom as well as the archangel of storms by the people of heaven. After the fact, he also decided that he and his brothers were the new Aquaphim. Metatron then blended the lava walkers with the stone crushers and the result was the birth of the Vulcans. They can manifest and manipulate both lava and all kinds of stones. They take their cues from Rex the archangel and they are known for their intensity.

Metatron also chose to blend the ice walkers with the time warpers in order to create the Arctics. They can manifest and manipulate Ice as well as fast forward or reverse time within the context of the moment. They follow the lead of Frost the archangel and they are all particularly cool, calm and collected. The Soul King then decided to blend the former nova order of angels with the sun walkers. The former novas were known for wearing celestial exosuits that were capable of causing destruction with wrist and shoulder mounted weapons. The sun walkers were actually known for their radiance and their golden hair and wings that literally glowed.

Since Metatron did not personally design any of the orders that came out of the incremental expansion of soul universe 1, the design of some of his sons was a little underwhelming. As such, he decided to give the new Novas the ability to manifest stars of all shapes and sizes as well as celestial exosuits that fire all kinds of solar themed weapons. Since creation is a roll of the dice, they were also born with the ability to raise the temperature of the battlefield to levels that make anyone who is not a Nova uncomfortable. Their leader is the only one that can manifest quasars(stars the size of a solar system) and make them explode, thus he became known as Magnus the Supernova. The Novas are known for their tenacity.

Not wanting to waste good powers and abilities, the Soul King decided to blend the steel walker powers with that of the light walkers and thus the Metallic order of angels was born. They are born with the ability to cover their bodies with indestructible, celestial metal. They can also manifest and control constructs that are made of that same metal that liquefies when in transition from one construct to another. Their leader Mercury has the additional ability to create constructs that are sentient. The Metallics are known for their steely resolve.

Since he was all out of elements, Metatron’s next son was given an ability that is unique among his angelic brethren. The angelic order of gunslingers are well-known for their ability to manifest and telepathically manipulate all kinds of guns that are of original design. Because of that ability, the gunslingers became the unofficial gunsmiths of heaven’s military. They can also wield telepathy to such an extent that they can neutralize the elemental powers of the other angelic orders. This is especially true about their leader who is widely known as Ace the archangel or artillery.

At this point, Metatron thought that he was done creating cool new orders of angels because he is simply all out of ideas. But then one day he had a feeling that something was trying to punch its way out of his chest. The feeling continued for about 45 minutes straight until Metatron finally decided to do something about it. He suspected that their was a spirit that was trying to escape his body, so he decided to free it in theory. As soon as he uttered the words, Metatron and his inner circle witnessed the birth of an archangel that bears a striking resemblance to him aside from having dark brown hair. When his son asked him what he will be named, Metatron decided to name him Hector, who became known in heaven as the archangel of revelation.

Not only did Hector create himself, he also got to choose his powers, abilities and spirit energy level. He decided to give himself the ability to learn any power or ability that he sees. He also decided that he should be born with a power level that is twice as much as his noteworthy brothers. Hector even got to give himself the same speed as Metatron, which prompted the Soul King to double his own speed at a later point and time. He is technically a Seraph but he has no plans to usurp the leadership of the Seraphim from his brother Pyro.

All of the new sons of Metatron are fortunate for several reasons, some of which are obvious. They were all born at the right time. That is significant because his previous sons were born at an earlier stage before the power scale of the Soul Omniverse was put in place. As such, they were born weaker than Metatron’s new sons, a fact that made them jealous. When the Soul King attempted to appease his older sons by giving them more power, that very same power corrupted them to the point where they had to be executed. Metatron’s new sons also benefit from the fact that their father designed them personally after learning from his prior experience. To that end, he designed them to be superior to their predecessors in every conceivable way.

After an emotionally draining process of elimination through trial and error, Metatron finally got the sons that he always wanted. He has plenty of daughters, but they are all content to be pampered princesses who can traverse the multiverse and be acknowledged as being of royal birth. At the end of the day, Soul Omniverse in general is a wonderful place where people live in harmony. There is such a thing as conflict, but it’s all carefully designed by Metatron in such a way that there is no such thing as pain or true death. Both sides of every orchestrated “conflict” serve their purpose without committing atrocities or war crimes. The new sons of Metatron were set up by their father to be the superstars of a new generation of archangels that will thrive for eternity and crush the enemies of heaven. That can only happen if new enemies appear after Metatron the god killer destroyed heaven’s enemies in previous wars.

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