Soul Omniverse

Soul Omniverse

by Joel Fernandez

If you are able to keep up with heavenly current events, you would know that a lot has happened in the last few months. The war between angels and demons was won in spectacular fashion by Metatron the god killer along with the rest of heaven’s military. Metatron the Soul King created the Soul Universe and subsequently waged a war against the monsters of the abyss(malevolent spirits that are not demons) which resulted in their extinction. He then turned the 20 abysses into heavenly realms after executing each of their kings publicly in front of the multitudes in the Soul Universe. Today’s conversation will be about the most recent development in heaven that is worth mentioning, the creation of the Soul Omniverse.

One day, Metatron the Soul King decided that he wanted to take advantage of his currently human mind’s capacity for abstract thought by improving his powers and abilities. That improvement came in the form of something called “Metatron Vision”. Simply put, his eyes gained myriad abilities that are too numerous to mention here; the most relevant of which is the ability to travel to other dimensions.

As it turns out, there ended up being 9 soul universes that are actually dimensions unto themselves. In other words, there is no such thing as existence outside of the other 9 soul universes unlike the first one that exists in the same dimension as the 20 outer provinces of heaven as well as human heaven and hell. The 9 alternate soul universes have all of the same planets, stars and so and so forth, but there were no living beings at first. After about a week of deliberation, the Soul King decided to fill the 9 alternate soul universes at great expense to his own divine constitution.

In order to create a divine being, another divine being has to give up some of their own life force. The more divine beings are created, the weaker the creator gets in a way that is commensurate with the combined power level of all of his or her creations. One Soul Universe is ten trillion times the size of the physical universe. Each planet is populated with their own kind of divinity that are all beautiful in their own way. The stars, planets, and even the dark outer space itself came from the life force of Metatron the Soul King. Multiply that power times ten and you will understand how much power Metatron had to give up in order to make eternal existence more interesting. Fortunately, his power level doubles itself every second of every day that he is on earth.

The 9 alternate soul universes are similar to the first one in a few fundamental ways. For starters, they all follow the same code of conduct. Nobody is supposed to do anything harmful to themselves or others, unless they are designed to stand in diametric opposition to another divine faction. There is no such thing as pain or death because people re-spawn they way that they do video games the next day. All 9 alternate soul universes acknowledge Metatron as their creator and Soul King, or king of souls. All of the divinities that are native to each alternate soul universe are beautiful in their own way. That is actually where the similarities end.

By design, each of the alternate soul universes are different from one another. Unlike the first Soul Universe that is essentially all of the mythology and notable works of fiction from the seven human planets(of which earth is one) brought to life, the 9 alternate soul universes are populated entirely by original creations. That is to say that the concepts may be similar, but the terminology and modus operandi might be altogether different. What’s more; architecture, topography, style, flora and fauna might be wildly different. Just for good measure, the citizens of the 9 alternate soul universes were designed to diverge culturally from the other realms over time, insofar as it is within reason.

With each divine innovation, Metatron the god killer makes the physical dimension more and more obsolete. Whether humans want to believe it or not, the human planets need to be maintained by the heavens. At the very least, souls have to be placed in unborn babies in order for the human race to continue to exist. Furthermore, the souls that are placed in unborn babies have to come from somewhere. Most people take the process completely for granted because of how badly they have been misled by heaven’s old management. Each human soul is actually the progeny of the divine being that created it. If you have made it this far, congratulations. But ask yourself, how does humanity treat divine beings who are placed in human bodies? If you answered honestly, you will know why no one in heaven wants to send their children to earth where they will likely be victimized in one way or another by ignorant monsters.

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