21 Angelic Kingdoms

21 Angelic Kingdoms

by Joel Fernandez

Until now there has only been one angelic kingdom, the one that is mentioned in the bible. After Metatron the god killer’s rise to power, all of angelkind assumed that the Soul Society would always be the only bastion of peace and happiness in all of existence(both dimensions). But the day that the Soul King(Metatron) decided to transform the 20 abysses into 20 angelic kingdoms, everything changed. Today’s conversation will be about how the proliferation of angelkind across the entire spirit dimension has eternal implications for all of us.

During the end of the 4th quarter of 2018 on earth, Metatron the god killer and the rest of heaven’s military embarked on a campaign to subjugate all of the abysses in the spirit dimension. To give you a sense of time, all of angelkind was informed by god the father that the abyss was one of a kind and that it was a bottomless pit. That of course was proven to be demonstrably false the day that Metatron the Soul King decided to jump into the abyss out of curiosity. Since then it has been discovered that there were in fact several abysses full of primordial monstrosities, each with their own king.

One by one new abysses were discovered, and one by one they were conquered by Metatron the god killer and the rest of heaven’s military. To give you a sense of scale, heaven’s military is comprised of over 25 trillion warriors, each of whom is partnered with a super destructive angel mech that amplifies the pilot’s power one hundred fold. Needless to say, each invasion ended the war against that particular nest of primordial abominations in one battle. After each invasion, the so called king of each abyss was paraded around the Pandora(angel planet) before being publicly executed. At any rate, somewhere around the 9th conquered abyss, the 11 kings of the remaining abysses decided to approach the Soul King with overtures of peace. On a whim, Metatron the god killer decided to do the unprecedented.

Metatron proceeded to transform each and every one of the primordial abysses into heavenly realms full of angels. This series of events is eternally significant for two reasons. The first reason is that the abysses were suddenly heavenly realms full of angels as opposed to being deep, dark holes full of primordial monstrosities. The second reason is that instead of manifesting monstrosities out of the ether, angels are now being born as a result of being created by the realm itself. That means that each breeding ground for death and destruction in the spirit dimension has now become a font of angelic life in its own right.

Moreover, the proliferation of angelkind has resulted in 20 new angelic kingdoms that each have their own culture, architecture and topography. What’s more each kingdom has its own dialect of the angel language, not to be confused with how mortals sometimes speak in tongues at religious gatherings. In any case, the other 20 angelic kingdoms are permitted to visit the Soul Universe insofar as they do not get auto-ejected by the realm itself for violent or exceptionally disruptive behavior.

The implications for humankind are such that, any heavenly civil wars could possibly create an entirely new kind of demon class. Up until now, all of the realms and their respective rulers acknowledge the fact that access to the Soul Universe is a privilege and not a right. To that end, nobody with a rational mind would throw away their Soul Universe access in order to promote the interests of some ambitious would-be tyrant. Such was the case with the angelic kingdom of Edenia when their king Archimedes was dethroned in favor of Queen Zaria because of his failure to acknowledge the sovereignty of the Soul Universe and the Soul King(Metatron).

Each of the heavenly kingdoms has their own unique culture that is similar yet very different to the original angelic kingdom that resides inside the Soul Universe proper. For example, the angelic kingdom of Azerria is known for its fondness of music and dancing. The kingdom of Crystalis is known for their unique architecture that features buildings that are entirely made of what humans would call precious stones that are perfectly shaped like buildings. The kingdom of Arboris is known for its tree-top cities in a realm that is completely covered in heavenly forests. They chose not to add oceans to their planet and instead have lots of lakes, rivers, waterfalls and so on and so forth. They also chose to put forests at the bottom of their enormous lakes because it suits the aquatic life that is unique to their realm.

The kingdom of Metallis is known for their entirely metal buildings as well as for the fact that their entire realm is urban. The celestial metal that they use in all of their architecture is very colorful and lustrous, even when they choose to build cities at the bottom of their oceans. The Kingdom of Polaris is known for the fact that they prefer that their entire realm be covered snow and that all of their buildings are made of perfectly cut ice.

The kingdom of Aquaris is known for all of its underwater cities in a realm that is completely covered by oceans, much like the planet Neptune of the Aquaphim inside of the Soul Universe. The kingdom of Apexis is known for its mountain-top cities in a realm that is entirely covered in mountains with large rivers and lakes in between. It looks as if they have chosen to turn all of the mountains into plateaus where life can thrive.

The kingdom of Lunaris is known for the fact that they chose to eliminate the daytime cycle and have a realm where it is always night time and that their entire heavenly planet is covered in an urban metropolis full of bright lights and majestic skylines. It is worth noting that even though the city lights are as bright as time square, the stars and twin full moons are always visible. The kingdom of Islandis is one that is comprised of Island cities and large oceans with no continents. As you might imagine, the people there are very found of water sports and everyone has private beach front property by virtue of the fact that everyone has their own private island.

It is also worth noting that angels never live in cities, they merely gather in cities in between moments at their secluded estates. At any rate, the kingdom of Airis is known for the fact that all of their cities float in the sky. Their planet’s surface is covered in forests, mountains, oceans and so on and so forth. The kingdom of Motoris is a place where all of the cities and private homes are in a state of perpetual motion along the heavenly planet’s surface. They never crash into each other or anything because they simply float just enough to overcome any obstacle, topographical or otherwise.

The kingdom of Coloris is known for the fact that all of their buildings have unique frescoes painted on the outside as well as the inside. As you might imagine, the people of Coloris are very fond of art. The Kingdom of Terranis is known for the fact that all of their cities are underground. They subterranean metropolises feature buildings that sparkle because of the precious stones that are part of the architecture on a fundamental level even though the entire building is not made of precious stones like the cities of the kingdom of Crystalis. Picture the tallest skyscraper you have ever seen, but underground in a brightly lit space where everything sparkles.

The kingdom of Solaris is known for the fact that they eliminated the night-time cycle and thus made it so that it is always daytime, much like the home planet of the Sun-Walkers inside of the Soul Universe proper. The angels of Solaris have a fondness for theater and thus have many large amphitheaters where productions are held on a daily basis. The Kingdom of Agricropolis is known for their fondness of food and drinking as well as their generally jovial nature. There’s actually no need to eat, drink or even sleep in the spirit dimension because the spirit physiology does not require sustenance. They only eat and drink because they heard of how food and drinks have all kinds of intoxicating effects in the Soul Universe.

The Kingdom of Maternia is known for the fact that it was the first Matriarchal society among the 21 angelic realms before Queen Zaria was installed as the ruler of Edenia. The Kingdom of Scriptis is well known for its people’s fondness of poetry. The people of the kingdom of Martialis are well known for their dedication to martial arts. They have hundreds of styles, none of which have been seen on any of the seven human planets. The kingdom of Savannis is known for its myriad spirit animal species, all of which are of original design. In that angelic kingdom, spirit animals are very much part of society and are respected as equals by everyone. The Kingdom of Edenia was the first angelic kingdom outside of the Soul Universe and thus is the most similar to Pandora, the original heavenly planet of angels in the Soul Universe.

All of the foreign angelic realms have been granted permission to visit the Soul Universe whenever they please as long as they are mindful of a few caveats. The Soul Universe has an auto-eject defense system that expels invaders as well as citizens and visitors if they try to harm another soul or have sex with one of the myriad non-angel spirit races that call the Soul Universe home such as the elves, mermaids and so on and so forth. Also, angels from foreign realms are not permitted to build homes inside of the Soul Universe unless they are the king or queen of their respective realm.

In the event of a war between 2 or more foreign realms, the Soul Universe’s heavenly military reserves the right to deploy all 25 trillion angel mechs to settle the conflict by slaughtering both sides. The notion that all angels get along is erroneous on a fundamental level, especially now that there are 21 angelic realms that operate like unique countries with their own cultures. Only time will tell when the first war between realms will occur. What’s more, there are bound to be large numbers of angels from across the realms that will go crazy and become demon trash.

All of these distinct possibilities for military conflict suit Metatron the God of War just fine. But ideally, everyone will get along just fine. It is worth noting that none of the angels from the 20 foreign heavenly kingdoms can create angels. Instead, angels are born out of the ether every single day. That means that the fragmented loyalties within each culture make the other realms significantly weaker from a military standpoint; plus they do not have the truly all-powerful Metatron the god killer on their side.

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