Abyssal Kings

Abyssal Kings

by Joel Fernandez

Up until now, there has not been a lot of information regarding the abyss. In essence, it is a deep dark hole in the spirit dimension that is full of primordial monstrosities that are locked in a perpetual struggle to establish the survival of the fittest. In eons past, the power scale in the abyss was beyond that of the heavenly realms. But all of that changed when Metatron the god killer rose to power. Today’s conversation will be about how the inhabitants of the abyss were discovered and what the universal status quo is now.

For starters, there are actually several abysses in the spirit dimension. So far only five have been discovered, and each has their own king. That’s right, the deep dark network of spirit tunnels full of monstrosities respects the notion of a king. Abbadon the destroyer was once known as the king of the abyss, but neither he or his minions at the time ever bothered to explore the bottom because their headquarters were near the top entrance.

At any rate, when Metatron went down into the abyss out of curiosity, he discovered god the father’s father and the rest of his trillions of siblings. As it turns out, the being that many people recognize as god had a father that was vastly more powerful than he was. What’s more, Primanthos(“god’s father”) was on the lower end of the abyssal power scale in general. One day Metatron decided to singlehandedly eradicate all life in the abyss and arbitrarily change the nature of the abyss from darkness to light. As you can imagine, the primordial monstrosities that survived the cataclysmic event that hollowed out their home because of the fact that they were not there at the time weren’t very happy about it. One such abomination was Megamanthar, king of the abyss.

When he got word about what had transpired on that fateful day, Megamanthar decided to challenge Metatron the god killer to a fight to the death in order to avenge the affront to his kingly honor. Unfortunately for Megamanthar, Metatron’s power had grown exponentially because of two reasons. The first reason was because Metatron’s power doubles every night that he is on earth. The second reason is that he somehow developed the ability to absorb the power of abyssal monstrosities and make it his own. To that end, the king of the abyss was no match for Metatron and was subsequently paraded through the soul society and executed shortly thereafter.

When the sons of Metatron got curious and decided to explore the area of the spirit dimension that overlaps with unknown space in the physical dimension. That was the day that Archon, Achilles and Agamemnon discovered that there was more than one abyss. When they told their father (Metatron) of their discovery, the god killer promptly invaded the second abyss and absorbed the power of the trillions of monstrosities that were present before killing them. When he noticed that his sons were disappointed about the fact that they could not have a more active role in the invasion, Metatron decided to imbue their weapons with omnipotent finishing power. With their weapons in hand, the three soul princes proceeded to dispatch the denizens of the third abyss with extreme prejudice.

When he noticed that his daughters were disappointed about not being involved in the invasion or the subsequent parade, Metatron imbued their weapons with the same omnipotence as his sons. So naturally they had a great time when they discovered and conquered the fourth abyss and they reveled in the pomp and circumstance that a triumph entails. Since they were only involved in the annihilation of the third and fourth abysses, Metatron’s progeny only took part in the parades when the kings of their respective abysses were executed.

The ruler of third abyss was named Xerxes and he looked like some kind of abnormally large black spider that could talk and wore a semblance of a black crown on his head. The ruler of the fourth abyss was named Abraxius and he looked like a giant, black, talking mop who also wore a semblance of a black crown on his head. The ruler of the second abyss was named Aglennicus and he resembled a giant black minotaur. He did not wear a crown, presumably because of his horns.

At that point, everyone in the soul society thought that the abyssal carnage was pretty much over. Until the day that the king of the fifth abyss(in the order that they are discovered) decided to personally declare war against the soul society. What’s more, he disclosed the fact that he had consolidated his power by uniting the remaining monstrosities from all of the conquered abysses. Little did he know that Metatron was actually hoping for a chance to give the newly created tenth order of angels a chance to use their full power in live combat.

The tenth order of angels are known as the angel mechs and they are celestial mobile suits that are sentient beings in their own right. They are essentially like Gundam mobile suits that can talk and shape shift like the autobots of transformers fame. They are led by Archon the God Mech, who is different from Archon the Soul Prince. They amplify their pilots power level by one hundred and are easily more powerful than the average archangel even when operating independently. They are indestructible and can customize their arsenal of guns, missiles, blades or war hammers on the fly. Every last member of heaven’s military was partnered with an angel mech, which means that there are almost twenty trillion angel mechs in the soul society at the moment. They are able to grow and shrink to any size or scale at will, so they are free to attend any social events that are accessible to them if they so choose. It is akin to being friends with Bumble Bee the autobot.

Needless to say Armanicus(5th abyssal king) would live to regret the cavalier way in which he declared war against the soul society right before he was paraded through the soul society like an animal and was subsequently executed publicly like the abyssal kings that came before him. The search for the sixth abyss is currently underway. If it exists, there will be another invasion and corresponding parade. The thing about the abyss is that monstrosities are born all of the time. They literally materialize out of the dark ether and begin their life of fighting to survive. Some abyssal abominations choose to leave the abyss; as was the case with god the father, leviathan and behemoth in obviously separate instances. Metatron and the angels represent a spirit evolution and thus their peaceful way of life in the soul society is anathema to the abyss. If you ever wondered where all of life as we know it came from, now you know.

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