Souls vs Humans

Souls vs Humans

by Joel Fernandez

To truly understand humanity, one must fully understand creation and what the implications are every time a different divinity chooses to create new life. When god the father chose to create both angels and humans, both races inherited both good and bad traits from him to varying degrees. When Metatron decided to create humans, he ultimately decided that they should be born in heaven from the start. As a result of this decision, the nature of the existence of people in the Soul Universe diverged from that of physical dimension humans to the point where they were instead called souls in order to properly connote the difference. Today’s conversation is about the difference between souls and humans as well as the juxtaposition of angelic nature while we’re at it.

The first thing that must be clarified is that all humans from the seven human planets have a soul. Any person who is deprived of their soul will immediately become a vegetable if the body survives for some reason. The reason that people are called souls in the Soul Universe is because they never had a physical body to begin with. It should also be noted that there are myriad divine races in the Soul Universe that are beautiful in their own way despite the fact that they would be called aliens on earth. In essence, the term soul describes anyone in the Soul Universe who is not an angel.

Angels are what you might call the original divinities. Before the creation of angels, literally every other “divine” being in existence was a primordial monstrosity that lived in one of 20 abysses that have since been conquered and transformed into heavenly realms by Metatron the god killer. An abyss was basically a deep, pitch black network of spirit tunnels where primordial abominations killed each other in order to compete for space. The angels represented a divine evolution that would pave the way for humans as well as the souls of the Soul Universe.

Compared to the abyssal monsters, the angels were a vast improvement in terms of overall civility. While not as perfect as the mainstream media makes them out to be, angels are an example of how to behave in a civilized society that lasts for an eternity. Since the beginning of time, most of the angels were tasked with looking after humans in one way or another. Some as guardians, some as the embodiment of good luck, while others were either messengers or warriors in heaven’s military. When Metatron overthrew god the father, all of the angels were allowed to retire if they chose to. As of now, the only angels that still work among the humans are the guardian angels, the powers and the elohim.

As soon as all of heaven manages to separate Metatron from the human form that he is trapped inside of, all of the remaining angels will be recalled and both the rapture and apocalypse will ensue in that order. The reason that the seven human planets must be destroyed is that nobody in heaven wants to take on the chore of having to create human souls for every baby that is inside their mother’s womb. It goes without saying, nobody wants to be stuck outside the Soul Universe because of having to babysit humans, however independent they may be by physical standards.

The souls of the Soul universe function in a way that is similar to how humans operate on earth, except that they do not need to be watched over by angels at all. Perhaps the grandest irony of all is that the same angels who complained about having to look after humans on earth felt a bit left out when they realized that the souls are completely autonomous. The reason for that is that souls are not humans or angels, they are a new kind of divinity whose core characteristics are derived from Metatron himself.

The souls that resemble humans are like a hybrid between humans an angels that get the best of both races on account of the fact that their creator(Metatron) is considered perfect as a matter of heavenly consensus. That means that they don’t have any of the character flaws that are commonly exhibited by both humans and angels. There are souls who are designed to function as deities, such as the Greek, Roman and Norse Pantheon of gods. Other Souls are designed to be either superheroes or super-villains. While all of that makes the Soul universe very interesting, the majority of souls either resemble humans or alien or magical races that are found in works of fiction such as video games on earth.

They actually choose to work even though they do not have to because of the work ethic that they inhabited from Metatron the Soul King. Needless to say, without the souls who are designed to be “normal”, the Soul Universe would be a dull place despite all of the super-powered divinities that fly around. It is also worth noting that all souls have been gifted with the ability to fly and teleport. They are all highly intelligent to the point where being erudite is actually considered normal. That is precisely why the humans from this world must go to their own heaven as they have done since the beginning of time. Because they cannot process information as fast as the souls or angels that live in the Soul Universe.

This is the point where everyone who is highly educated will be offended, perhaps rightfully so. But for all of the astrophysicists out there that study space who believe that alien life is plausible, the notion that there is intelligent life in the cosmos that far exceeds that of the people of earth deserves an equal amount of plausibility. But like anything else, it’s all relative. While there is nothing wrong with being part of earth’s academic elite, every time Metatron tries to introduce humans to either the souls or angels, the consensus is that humans are not intelligent enough to hold a conversation because of the narrow-mindedness that is characteristic among even the most highly educated people of earth.

The only way that a human can actually process information as fast as a soul would be to transform that person into an angel. But processing speed is only half of the battle because there is also the issue of iniquity. Souls are born free of iniquity and thus they are different from both humans and angels. In fact, souls are not exactly very fond of angels in general despite a few exceptions to the rule that are few and far between.

The truth is that angels can exhibit the same negative behaviors as humans including jealousy and arrogance. Moreover, there are many angels who feel displaced by the souls because of the fact that souls have all of the same abilities that angels do. They can fly, teleport, share memories telepathically and can even see up to a radius of 500 miles instead of 400 like angels do. It is another trait that they inherited from Metatron the Soul King. The only true difference in terms of divine anatomy is that angels have wings, which they don’t need to fly but are necessary for proper equilibrium. Even though they are unlikely to admit it, angels feel that the souls are actually just as intelligent as they are if not more intelligent with a greater capacity for learning.

The mind of an angel is like a computer because they can store infinite amounts of information and process that information at speeds that are unfathomable to humans. Souls can also store and process information at the same speed or faster than angels can, but they are more capable of applying that vast knowledge to situations that would be considered practical by divine standards. Because of the emergence of these new divinities, it turns out that humans have more in common with angels than we thought. Try to remember that the next time someone tries to glorify demon trash and their defeated devil, who lost the eternal war and are now extinct.

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