Soul Universe Evolution

Soul Universe Evolution

by Joel Fernandez

The Soul Universe is the largest and most powerful of the 21 angelic realms. It is home to trillions of different spirit races that each have their own planet and are beautiful in their own way. The idea was to create a universe that angelkind can interact with directly, as opposed to the observation that they are limited to in all matters that involve the physical dimension. Up until now it has been the ideal place for angelkind to enjoy eternity, but it actually got much more interesting than before very recently. Today’s conversation will be about how exactly the happiest place in all of existence got better by a significant margin.

The Soul Universe is currently 10 trillion times the size of the physical universe. It is everything that the physical universe is except exponentially better and more spectacular. What’s more, it is home to trillions of races as opposed to the physical universe that is home to a minuscule 7 planets that are inhabited by humans. Even though angelkind has been satisfied with the state of the Soul Universe at every step of its development, Metatron believes that there is always room for improvement. That is how the Soul Society(later renamed Pandora) became the Soul Universe. It happened the day that Metatron decided to surround Pandora with outer space and new planets, a concept that was unheard of in the spirit dimension up until that point.

One day Metatron decided to add two things to the Soul Universe that were deliberately left out early on, humans and conflict. The idea was to introduce conflict as a means to create an ecosystem where cause and effect take on a whole new meaning. To that end, Metatron created all of the super heroes and super villains that were works of fiction on the 7 human planets as well as all of their corresponding mythological pantheons. At this point you might be wondering why Metatron would introduce conflict to heaven. The reason that conflict is allowed is that it is all akin to video game violence. Instead of pain and death, defeated superheroes or super-villains simply disappear and re-spawn in their home base with no memory of the unfortunate turn of events and with no desire to rejoin the fray until the next day.

After those few significant improvements, half of the Soul Universe is a zone were eternal conflict ensues. The other half is peaceful all of the time because the races that were created to live in peace cannot simply change their nature and adapt to the ebb and flow of conflict. The humans that were introduced to the Soul Universe are also very special in their own way. While it is true that they always end up in the cross fire between superheroes and super-villains, they feel no pain and cannot truly die. Moreover, they function like humans from the physical universe except for a few key differences. For starters, humans have no sexual appetite. That may seem boring but it is in keeping with the way humans function in human heaven. Even without any sexual proclivities to speak of, they are all eternally happy when they are not fleeing any of the myriad super-villains that roam freely.

Furthermore, humans in the Soul Universe work even though they can manifest all of their needs simply by thinking of what they want. That is why human society is comprised of almost every job and career that exists on earth. The fact that humans don’t age in the Soul Universe means that they perform the same function in society for all of eternity and are happy to do so. Infants stay the same as well as toddlers and so on and so forth. The oldest adults are middle-aged but still retain their somewhat youthful appearance and high school/college students attend the same schools for eternity. In our world, not being able to change your fate for eternity would be torture. But the nature of the existence of humans in the Soul Universe is altogether different from the humans of the physical dimension. Everyone there is content and love their lives, insofar as they are not being terrorized by miscellaneous super villains.

At any rate, Metatron is father to both sides of the conflict and thus does not intervene in any of the events that he observes. Metatron’s angelic progeny however, that is an entirely different story. All of Metatron’s sons and daughters are super-powered archangels in their own right, but the power scale of the Soul Universe’s “conflict” is such that the wildly powerful archangels in Metatron’s family aren’t guaranteed any victories. Metatron himself is so powerful that he would upset the balance of power between the two opposing forces. But he doesn’t feel left out because he lives vicariously through his progeny. There’s also the fact that all of the super powered girls on both sides are in love with Metatron and they all have anime proportioned bodies by design.

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