Say My Name

My life is something of an anomaly. I find myself in a bit of a grey area of society. I am essentially a highly educated person from a relatively privileged background who doesn't exactly have the same world view as everyone else. I am an observer by nature, and I can't help but notice that everyone within earshot of me is just trying to conform to whatever society tells them that they should be. At this point in my life I am definitely what you would call a rogue scholar. I honestly believe that my intelligence is not acknowledged in a mainstream way because of my appearance. Hence the term "rogue scholar" instead of the brightest mind of the 21'st century. Perhaps someday the world will come to terms with the nature of my existence. Or perhaps I will be as so many others who are only acknowledged historically in retrospect by future generations. Whatever the case, I want to have an impact on this world that will ultimately prevail over the intolerant powers that be. There's a word that I deliberately left out of this post. The word that I went to such great lengths to omit is racism. If you managed to deduce that before I spelled it out for you, congratulations. But if you not only missed my meaning, but cling to the unfair labels that have been arbitrarily assigned to me by mainstream bigots who espouse their casual hatred with impunity, then it seems we are at an impasse. It's no wonder that they seem to have done their utmost to redefine the word hatred in order to normalize their views.

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