Owning My Data

I decided that I want to own my data. I was a twitter user for 10 years before I realized that they had disrespected my data by not allowing me to delete my own posts and pictures. I literally erased all of it with tweet delete so that I could start over. I dare say that I am not the only one on the internet that would like my old expressions from earlier years to go away entirely. As it turns out, we willingly give up the right to control our data when we use social media sites that literally get rich selling our data. Running my own blog through my hosting service account that I administrate enables me to own my data. If I want it gone, I can go to the back end of my website and delete it forever off of the server. I would use face book for these kinds of reflections, but I just don't like the notion of posting things where people I don't know anymore in real life are the only ones that get to see what I wrote. I say that because not a single person on my face book "friends" list clicked like on my page for this website. I suppose that is their prerogative. To spend their face book time pretending to be famous while ignoring my overtures of real friendship. But I just don't feel comfortable speaking freely on that platform because of the superficial nature of the interactions that I have encountered in my own personal experience. That's not to say that I dislike all social media. I like instagram and whats app because of the practicality that underpins the interactions on both of those platforms. Owning my own data by way of my own blog means that for better or worse, I control my data's potential. People who actually visit my site are given the option to share my posts on their social media platform of choice, but I decide if my words should exist or be erased. At the very least, I stand to gain as much or more than 3rd party platforms that may or may not be used to share my words. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is something that I can live with.

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