Primordial Rage

When deities are depicted in works of fiction, they are sometimes portrayed as entities that are very petty. One minute everything is fine, the next there’s a catastrophic disaster that was brought about by the vengeful gods because not enough livestock was sacrificed during a slow month at the farm. While there are myriad spirits that are even pettier than how they are portrayed in popular fiction, there is actually a bit of an unspoken system of measuring the amount of punishment that is meted out by the heavens. Today’s conversation will be about how divinities should go about the process of punishing inferiors.

If you want to establish some sort of rule of thumb that will give you a ball park estimate of how much a god will punish an inferior being in the spirit world or on earth, you would calculate age times power level. The result of that equation will be somewhere in the vicinity of the commensurate response, give or take a few notches depending on the particular divinity that is involved in the incident that is in question. Simply put, spirit beings who are powerful do not tolerate insults from inferiors. That metric applies to every single person in the spirit dimension, assuming of course that they were born there in the first place.

Here in our physical world, politicians and bureaucrats essentially rule over the masses. One could argue that the lobbyists rule over the politicians, but that is another topic for another day. At any rate, the laws are such that they are designed to punish those who break them based on empirical evidence. In the spirit world, everyone is telepathic. That is why every time something significant happens, everyone sees it through the telepathic network. Because laws can be manipulated and evidence can be fabricated, there are times when the laws of this world fail. Even worse, laws are sometimes designed to be weaponized by the wealthy in order to oppress the less privileged among us in an unfairly arbitrary way.

During these modern times, the notion of being afraid of angering the gods is not exactly mainstream. In fact, pop culture depicts believers in divine cause and effect as fanatical or archaically naive. For the sake of this conversation, let’s all assume that it is possible for one to end up on the receiving end of divine wrath. If the citizens or our global community decided that they would be irreverent towards a primordial deity that is unfathomably powerful even by divine standards, that would be very unfortunate decision making indeed.

The spirit world is such that those who are powerful are expected to rule over the citizens of their realm. Assuming that the ruler in question is fair and grants all of the governing bodies of his realm autonomy, everyone who is inferior to him is expected to show an appropriate amount of respect. If the the appropriate amount of respect is not demonstrated, the consequences would be dire. If anyone openly insults the ruler for whatever reason, that person is expected to be executed. Such is the way of things in the spirit world, everyone must accept their lot.

If, for some unfortunate reason, humans decided to proceed with their blasphemous attitude towards the deity that rules over all of the spirit dimensions; the consequences would be absolutely apocalyptic. It’s not something that people like to hear, but humans are literally at the bottom of the divine hierarchy. Offending the governing deity of their universe would mean that all manner of unfortunate things would befall the offending country, continent or hemisphere. This could include(but is not limited to) suspension of the creation of human souls, widespread pandemic, and people literally getting their souls dragged to hell temporarily while they are still living so as to prevent them from forgetting their ultimate fate.

Since human beings have to cope with the notion of their eventual death for one reason or another, a great deal of cognitive dissonance is necessary in order to cope with the impending demise of their physical bodies. Having to employ the necessary amount of death denial makes people capable of rationalizing or justifying anything. That is precisely the reason why the powers that be in the heavens have to do things that are so undeniable that they supersede humanity’s ability to act like nothing is wrong when there is actually something horribly wrong with the status quo. Any deity who is worth his salt is capable of carrying out his divine vengeance without the help of inferiors, so these words preclude any acts of extreme violence by the faithful.

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