The Human Race

The human race is actually all the same. Obviously there are significant differences in terms of ethnicity, language, culture and even appearance; but the nature of humankind’s existence is all exactly the same on the cosmic scale. It is the grandest of ironies that humanity’s greatest strength is the ability to imagine and innovate and that ignorance is actually politically correct these days. That is to say that anyone can define the nature of humanity’s existence anyway they want because everyone is entitled to write the laws of divine governance. Today’s conversation will be about humankind’s greatest strengths, as well as their greatest weaknesses, and why it matters on the eternal scale.

Human beings are unique among the spirit beings for several reasons, the first of which is the fact that humans have historically been created inside of their mother’s womb after the fetus has been created through physical means by two individuals. That is to say that humans are born with no knowledge of their divine heritage and must discover the truth on their own as they progress through life. Another thing that makes humans unique among the spirit beings is the fact that the human body must be sustained with food, water, and sleep. It is precisely that need for survival that forces humankind to be innovative in ways that divine beings are not.

There’s also the fact that physical bodies inevitably die. That is why there is an entire industry dedicated to entertaining us as a means to distract ourselves and simply ignore our inevitable, physical demise. It stands to reason that humanity’s ability to conceive wildly imaginative ways to forget about death is commensurate with the innate desire to avoid the grave even in thought. Imagination and innovation are in fact humanity’s greatest strengths when compared to other spirit beings, divine or otherwise.

Here is where the grand irony comes into play. The ability to use exceptional cognitive dissonance as a means to avoid thinking of death makes humans capable of justifying just about any world view as valid. That is why the double edge sword of imagination combined with the desire to conquer death becomes dangerous; because it makes the notion of divine governance nothing more than a plot element in a dramatic production, as opposed to the cause and effect that rules literally every soul in existence.

Simply put, if everyone is right, that means that nobody is wrong. That would be fine if there were no consequences to our actions on the cosmic scale, but the consequences are as real as anything we have ever seen with our own physical eyes here in our world. That is precisely why the archaic system that we are all caught up in needs to end post haste. Humans should have the same divine rights as every other citizen of heaven. While it is possible for one to earn divine rights after death, most people just end up going to hell. To be clear, the word most is not subjective. Upwards of 95% of the human population on earth today will end up in hell.

That is why humans should be born in heaven in the first place. In fact, several quadrillion humans and counting have already been born in heaven this year alone. They were born in a world where the eternal well-being of their souls are guaranteed. The thing is that in order for the current and outdated system of human creation to be replaced, it must first be discontinued. Human beings should not be born in ignorance and then proceed to wear that ignorance like a badge of honor in a society that will largely have their eternal souls condemned all at once.

In a lot of ways, this essay is like beating on a dead horse. The fact of the matter is that the original progenitor of the human race is nothing but a glorified monster that was kicked out of the abyss by his own father, who himself was one of the weaker abominations that called the abyss home. That is what humankind has in common with the angels of the old heaven, their progenitor’s uncanny ability to say and do absurd things in the name of monstrous pride. For it is widely known in heaven these days that the creator of the human race(“god”) is also the originator of the bold faced lie. But if these words mange to reach the 5% of the human race that will follow Megatron the Soul King to heaven, than it was totally worth it.

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