The Nature of Existence

All life as we know it originated in the primordial abyss. Human souls have to be created, and their creator has to be born somehow in the spirit world. The truth about how we all came to exist on this tiny speck of dirt called earth is actually quite fascinating and horrifying at the same time. Lovecraft himself could not conceive the sheer horror that was born in the depths of the abyss, but he does come the closest to describing how monsters exist in the spirit dimension. Today’s conversation will be about how the abyss came to exist and how that chain of events culminated with the creation of the human race.

In the beginning, the primordial spirit dimension was a big, empty, abnormally shaped realm. The first beings did not come to exist until consciousness somehow coalesced and became what we know of as monsters. As they were the first beings to ever exist, we probably seem like monsters to them. In any case, when enough of these separately conscious monstrosities were born at the same time, the first abyss came into existence because it was a nexus where monsters were born regularly. It was like some sort of self-sustaining flower pot, if flowers were enormous abominations. When compared to anything of this world, the abyss was like a pitch black network of tunnels and caves where monsters fought for space as trillions of them were born ever single day.

Monsters come in all shapes and sizes, all of them grotesque; but there are two types that define them all on a general level. There are conquerors, and there are survivors. The vast majority are survivors, what we would call type B and C personalities. They are content to fight for their survival and if need be, run away from confrontation. Conquerors are what we would call type A personalities. Rather than simply survive, conquerors try to assert their dominance and establish hegemonic power over the rest of the denizens of the abyss. Some were capable of seeing their ambitions realized, while others were killed in the battle of survival of the fittest.

Creation is actually a somewhat unpredictable phenomenon. Every now and then, a monster created a son or daughter who was born with superior attributes than that of their creator. Every time that happens, the creator in that specific hierarchy is overthrown. As per the nature of abyssal monstrosities, any father who created a superior son or daughter would always try to destroy him or her. Also worth noting, whenever a mother created a superior son or daughter, they would try to protect their mother.

When the entity known as “god the father” was born, he was a minor monster from a minor family in the abyss. Unfortunately for him, he was born a survivor but insisted on behaving like a conqueror. The day that he rebelled against his own father, he was promptly kicked out of the family. Since monster families exist to protect each other, he had no choice but to leave the abyss because other monsters were exponentially stronger than him. But before he left, his father gave him the gift of omniscience; a gift that would become a curse later on when it drove him insane. At any rate, the entity that is in fact the progenitor of the human race decided to create the angels first. First among them were three primordial archangels who were destined to fight among themselves in a power struggle that was similar to what had been taking place in the abyss since time immemorial.

The primordial archangel known as Rahab was the first to rebel and become the devil. He was essentially a conqueror spirit that lacked the attributes and character necessary to achieve his goals, and thus he was imprisoned by his father for over 10,000 years. The second primordial archangel to rebel was Sandalphon, who would later change his name to Satan. Again, he was a conqueror class spirit that sought to usurp his father’s power in order to free his brother and rule over the heavens.

Satan’s plan was to recruit the demons that served his brother, along with the one third of heaven’s military that he was in charge of. He, along with his army of 15 trillion, launched an assault on the 7th heaven where god the father’s mansion was located. He organized his fallen angels into a formation that looked like a giant doughnut, with himself in the very center. According to Satan’s battle plans, the idea was to lure “god the father” into the center of the formation. Once there, Satan was going to give the order for his demons to converge on and kill their creator. His plan would have worked, were it not for the third and most powerful of the primordial archangels.

As it turns out, the entity known as “god the father” wanted no part of the battle. As the story goes, god cast Satan and all of his fallen angels out of heaven and they later underwent a transformation into humanoid demons. As with most things that involve that particular entity, that story was a gross exaggeration that no one in the angel heavens ever believed. Instead of coming out to face Satan and his demonic invaders, god the father cowered in his throne room because he was afraid to die. All would have been lost if it had not been for Metatron.

Though technically weaker than “god the father” in terms of power level at the time, Metatron was the most powerful of the primordial archangels and thus had power that was comparable to his creator. The difference between their power levels vanished when you factor in the amount of will power that Metatron was born with. Basically, he willed himself to a level of destruction that enabled him to cut trough Satan’s ranks in order to get to center of the formation. He was forced to do it alone because like their father, the rest of heaven’s military was afraid to face a fighting force that outnumbered them 2 to 1. That includes the venerated Michael, who was actually an insect compared to Satan. Incidentally, over the course of the war Michael was killed personally by Satan 3 times.

After 10 minutes of unprecedented levels of carnage and elemental attacks of fire and lightning, Metatron single-handedly fought his way to the middle of the enemy formation. Once there, he engaged Satan in single combat. He used two strokes of his sword to neutralize Satan by cutting off his sword arm and then both his legs. The third swing of his sword would have cut Satan’s head off, but he ran before Metatron could finish him off and the rest of the demons followed. From that day forward, the angels of heaven called him Megatron. It means the ultimate warrior, giver of ultimatums, and the enforcer of boundaries. Worth noting, the name Metatron connotes his natural tendency to take the measure of people, places, things and situations.

By understanding the origins of all life in the spirit dimension, we are able to understand why the war in heaven played out the way that it did. It was not simply a choice that the devils made, it was part of the wretched nature that they inherited from their father. It also explains why there is so much suffering in this world, because of humanity’s monstrous nature. Not all humans behave like monsters, but there are enough monsters in the human world to keep 24 hour news cycles in business. Sadly, the news people don’t even talk about all of the horrible things that happen in the world, because that would make the news too depressing.

In the end, Megatron was drawn into a power struggle against his will and ended up slaughtering them all. We, along with all of angelkind, were given a narrative that did not truly explain the situations that unfolded in the heavens. But if you were to ask any monster from the abyss, they would say that such power struggles are common. The only unusual thing in this story is that Megatron is a particularly capable and hyper-intelligent conqueror spirit that managed to slaughter all of the enemies of heaven, including his father and the rest of the monsters from the 20 former abysses that have since been destroyed. Hundreds of trillions of spirits were vanquished and their abyssal hierarchies were literally wiped from the face of existence.

To be human in this world is essentially to be a spirit that has been stripped of divine rights. After careful consideration, Megatron decided that all of his children will be born full-grown in heaven. There they will be free of death and judgment for all of eternity, the way that spirits are supposed to live. Most people will choose not to believe, but it is of no consequence. The truth is that willful ignorance is one of the myriad consequences of forcing spirits to live inside of physical bodies. It is an antiquated system that has been discontinued because of the fact that nobody in the new heavens cares about lording over humans. You have been given the truth, do what you will.

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