The Consequences of Killing a God

Killing a god has consequences. Killing all of them has consequences on a much larger scale. If one were to kill a god that was in charge of a generational life cycle of mortal beings, the ramifications for all involved will vary. Obviously the entity that manages to overthrow the previous hierarchy in the heavens will ascend to the rank of god and become king. There has been a lot of confusion about the nature of the spirit world and who is actually who up until this point. Today’s conversation will be about making everything clear in the most definitive way possible in a world where everyone thinks that they know what’s best.

The biblical god was indeed the progenitor of the human race as well as the archaic angels. He ruled the heavens and lorded over humanity with impunity since the beginning of this particular creation timeline. When he decided to betray Megatron(the most powerful of the three primordial archangels), the archangel of contracts promptly killed him. To say that Megatron ascended to the throne by way of usurpation would be to express a complete misunderstanding of the chronological order of events. The reason for that is that Megatron actually created his own heaven, then the biblical god attacked it and failed to destroy it. After a few more weeks of blatant antagonism, Megatron finally killed him; but that was after imprisoning him in a light-less cell in chains and confining him to the seventh heaven for a few weeks as well as forcing him into the physical dimension at the garden of Eden before pulling him back into the spirit dimension.

The first consequence of that action was that humanity was left without their creator. After a game of celestial, musical chairs where several notable archangels including the sons and daughters of Megatron assumed the responsibility of creating human souls and placing them in unborn fetuses, the decision to discontinue the human race was brought about by consensus. The main reason being that the children of Megatron did not want to force their own progeny to suffer on earth instead of living in the soul multiverse, the place to be in the spirit plane. After a while, the human race will go extinct because heaven’s new management made an arbitrary decision.

All of the other so called gods from ancient mythology were actually demonic rumors that were meant to undermine the biblical god’s salvation message. Make no mistake, Satan would have dragged every last human soul out of heaven and tossed them in hell if he had won the war. Instead, he was executed by Megatron, who was once his twin brother. The god killer decided to honor the promises made to the true believers of the Abrahamic religions, insofar as they do not have an outrageously inappropriate attitude towards him.

The spirit world has never truly been the monolith the generations of church goers were led to believe that it is. There were 20 abysses full of giant and exceedingly powerful monsters, and each had their own king. The king of an abyss was basically the most powerful and vicious monster in that deep, dark, network of spirit tunnels. As king, that monster and his progeny were given absolute deference from the other monsters who all had to fight for space because of the fact that new monsters were born every day by the trillions. Since the abyssal kings were all exponentially stronger than the biblical god was even in his prime, we are going to refer to them as fallen gods for the sake of this conversation.

After executing both devils and slaughtering every last demon in the universe (over 15 trillion) Megatron decided to embark on a campaign that culminated in the extinction of all abyssal monstrosities (almost 200 trillion). At first, he hesitated to destroy the abysses because he thought there would be catastrophic consequences for destroying the original fonts of life, including the one where the biblical god was created. Instead of destroying them, he transformed them into 20 heavenly realms that subsequently became known as the 20 outer provinces of heaven.

That decision caused the 20 former abysses to create angels instead of monsters. For a time, the 20 outer provinces were like 20 different angelic countries. Each had their own ruler, laws, culture, dialect and so on and so forth. All was well until all of the males became jealous of Megatron and decided to declare war. As Megatron is the supreme god of war, all one hundred trillion rogue angels perished in what is now known as the three day civil war. After that, Megatron altered the creation process of the outer provinces so that spirit animals would be born instead of angels. But when the 20 outer provinces stopped creating new entities all together, the outer provinces were abandoned because the angel girls and spirit animals who lived there were allowed to move to the soul multiverse proper.

After a while, Megatron’s inner circle advised him to destroy the 20 outer provinces. After a bit of deliberation, he indeed authorized members of his entourage to destroy them all. When it was confirmed that there was no consequence whatsoever for destroying the 20 original fonts of life, the decision to destroy the entire primordial dimension was made. Since each the 10 soul universes exist in their own separate dimensions, the one that overlaps with the physical dimension can be destroyed as soon as Megatron returns to the heavens. It will essentially be consolidation of power because creation will only happen inside of the soul multiverse proper.

All of the deities from ancient mythology have been brought to life and they interact with heavenly versions of the planets where they were thought to have lived in ancient times. Their creation signifies the fact that they are now sanctioned deities that are allowed to operate in specific regions of the heavenly version of earth. If one were to kill one of them, they would simply re-spawn the next day as per the soul multiverse’s design. As such, the consequences of attempting to kill divinities that were designed to be exponentially stronger than the biblical god should be considered beforehand.

As for the consequences that pertain to planet earth, there will be a few noticeable changes to the way of things as we know it. The first and most obvious consequence will be the decline of the birth rate. Also worth noting, not all of the nations of earth that once received the biblical god’s patronage will continue to enjoy the benefits of being backed by the divine ruler of earth. That will be especially true for nations who’s leaders deliberately and maliciously attempted to antagonize Megatron simply because they misjudged the true nature of his existence. That particular country will suffer most of all in such spectacular fashion that using the term “biblical proportions” will be a woefully inadequate understatement.

As terrible as the consequences will be for the enemies of heaven, it’s not all bad news. Everyone who is an ally of Megatron will get raptured straight to heaven. It is a little known fact, but the biblical god was going to rapture people into purgatory without telling them why they were there. If the people in purgatory were to curse the biblical god for lighting their soul on fire, purgatory would have become permanent hell for them. Also, the bar for entry into human heaven has been lowered substantially. Salvation will be granted to all who believe, free of charge. You can even play both sides of the fence if for some reason you just can’t believe that the biblical god was that much of a piece of shit. The difference between reality and fiction is actually pretty incredible, so the terms of salvation have been adjusted in a way that is reasonable. If that is too much to ask, then it will be of no consequence to the citizens of heaven when your soul is discarded and then destroyed.

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