New School Seraphim

The first thing that god the father ever created at the beginning of time were three seraphim. Metatron(Megatron), Sandalphon(Satan) and Rahab. For 560,000 years, the four of them lived in an empty heaven where they got along like a family should. At some point, god the father decided to create the rest of the heavens and angels. There ended up being a total of 9 angelic orders, but the number dropped back down to 5 because four of the orders crossed god and got destroyed. Today’s conversation will be about the first and most well known order of them all, the seraphim. We will talk about their past, present, and future in a way that highlights the differences between the old school and the new.

The seraphim are defined by their passion. Each order of angels has one character trait that they all have in common, even if they have wildly different personalities. Because of the passion that is inherent to the nature of their existence, seraphim are all very boisterous. If you happen to be someone that can be among them, you will inevitably get yelled at. Originally, these were the angels that worshiped god 24/7 on some kind of choir rotation. As such, it stands to reason that seraphim were passionate enough to satisfy god the father’s desire to be worshiped. Whenever their passion is ignited for whatever reason, a seraph’s wings will become engulfed in flames that obviously do not burn the particular seraph in question. Such things were true then, and they are still true now.

These days, the seraphim have been modernized in a way that is fitting with the times. For starters, all of the new school seraphim are sons and daughters of Megatron. He got dragged into a power struggle that he did not ask for and then proceeded to slaughter all of his enemies which include but are not limited to, god the father as well as Satan and Rahab(twin devils). After the fact, Megatron created new angelic orders of angels that have powers and abilities that are reminiscent of comic book heroes and anti-heroes. As the seraphim are still the most well known order, Megatron thought that it was appropriate to upgrade the seraphim constitution in a way that is in keeping with all of the progress that has been made in the heavens up until now.

These days all of the seraphim emanate bright light that somehow does not blind anyone who looks directly at them. They have also been blessed with the gift of pyrokinesis. So not only do their wings ignite in flame, they can also manifest and manipulate fire in a way that is commensurate with their power level. Also worth noting, their entire bodies become engulfed in flames instead of just their wings when their passions ignite. More recently, there have been seraphim who were born with the gift of reality manipulation.

Their names are Angelo, Thane, Brock and Alexander. The first three are triplets while Alexander is the twin brother of Squall the archangel of divine wind. It’s possible to be twins even though both brothers might not belong to the same order. As is the case with Alexander(seraph) and Squall(Wind Walker). Worth noting, if angelic brothers have a high enough affinity with one another, they can share their powers and abilities. At any rate, reality manipulation is a big deal because it is essentially the power of creation at its apex. It means that these particular seraphim have been blessed with the power of god, albeit not on the scale that Megatron is on. They are tasked with adding to the multiverse in creative ways such as redesigning Sky Garden, the first of the 10 capital cities of heaven(each universe has one).

The youngest of the new seraphim are Angelo, Brock and Thane. They are meant to be not only a new class of seraphim, but a new class of archangel. They are designed to be artistic in every sense of the word. They are musicians as well as painters, architects, sculptors and so on and so forth. They represent a new kind of archangel because angelkind has never been very artistic at all aside from music. Artistry has always been a predominantly human trait. Just for good measure, they were designed to dedicate themselves to warfare as well as the pursuit of knowledge. To that end, they have been recognized as the most well rounded among angelkind in that regard.

As would have been typical of heavenly society, such innovation would have been deemed unnecessary because everyone is already perfectly happy in the heavens. Fortunately, Megatron decided to make the most of his temporary humanity. As soon as he looses his humanity, he will go back to being an unchanging, primordial archangel that will not want to expend so much of his own spirit energy to improve the soul multiverse by making it bigger and better. That is why the time is now to make the new heavens as great as they can be. Part of that is making sure that the new divinities that inhabit them are truly extraordinary. As Megatron will loose his humanity as soon as he is released from his currently mundane existence, time is of the essence.

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