Human Deification

Generally speaking, humans are the most innovative and creative of the spirit beings. Until very recently, artistry was something that was a predominantly human phenomenon. Of course humanity has a lot of undesirable qualities as well, but that wouldn’t make for a very interesting read. Instead, this conversation will be a celebration of humanity and what happens when they are selected and transformed into full fledged divinities with all of the attributes that make one a citizen of heaven.

The only reason that humans are not considered divine is because they are created inside of their mother’s womb. It is the process that turns a lifeless fetus into a living baby. As a direct consequence of the circumstances of mundane birth, humans are born with a significantly reduced ability to process information because of the physicality of the human brain. Simply put, thoughts are encumbered by human flesh. Conversely, a spirit that is not attached to a physical form is light years ahead of the human capacity for information retention and processing.

Even when they die, humans are not inherently able to exhibit abilities such as telepathy, teleportation and flight. Such has been the way of things since the beginning of time, until very recently. Unlike literally everyone in the soul multiverse, Megatron the soul king chooses to focus on the positive characteristics that humans possess. For example, the ability to cope with mundane existence in general. One could argue that the ability to cope with being flightless is predicated on blissful ignorance, but it would be unseemly to argue about semantics.

The point is that the soul multiverse is based on human concepts. The very notion of outer space in the spirit world was unheard of until the first quarter of 2019. Such a notion would have been laughable to the citizens of the 6 archaic heavens. All of the popular works of fiction that have withstood the test of time in this world have been brought to life in the soul multiverse. Concepts such as smell and even a gentle breeze have been foreign concepts in the heavens since time immemorial.

Everyone in the angelic heavens of old had at least one job; either warrior, choir, messenger, scribe and so on and so forth. But now, there are careers in the heavens that resemble the life’s work of mortals. The hybridization of human and divine concepts is what makes the soul multiverse such a wonderful place. That is precisely why some humans end up being deified, because some people deserve more than the blissful ignorance of human heaven. They are perfectly happy for eternity, but still.

When a human is deified, they obviously gain divine attributes. There line of sight expands to a radius of at least 500 miles, not just what that look at directly with their eyes. Such an attribute gives the term peripheral vision a whole new meaning. A defied human can also fly and teleport at will. Not only that, but their thought process is sped up to the point where they can process decades worth of information in a matter of seconds. That means that a deified human can literally learn every language in the soul multiverse, human or otherwise. That is, of course, if they opted to speak verbally at all instead of communicating telepathically.

As amazing as the results of human deification can be, it is not a process that one should not take lightly. If the wrong kind of personality is granted a divine level of agency, the results could be disastrously self-destructive. They could find themselves simply thinking the wrong thoughts at the speed of light and behave in a way that incurs the wrath of the powers that be. That is why the vast majority of humans must be left in human heaven, unable to interact with the rest of the soul multiverse. There are special cases where some people are selected and thus allowed to transcend the trappings of human existence. Though not all are supposed to be privy to the deliberations that take place in the throne room of the soul king, it would be fair to say that if such a person were to be discovered, she would have to be beautiful on the outside as well as the inside.

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