The Primordial Spirit Dimension

All of life as we know it originated in the primordial dimension. What many of us know to be the spirit dimension that overlaps with our own at certain points is but one spiritual plane of existence out of eleven. This physical dimension that we all inhabit is actually the only one of its kind. When Megatron the soul king created the soul multiverse, he created ten new dimensions that dwarf the original spirit world in terms of scale and functionality. Today’s conversation will be about why the primordial spirit dimension has to be destroyed at some point.

In the beginning the primordial spirit world was nothing but darkness. At some point eons ago, the very first consciousness began to coalesce and become sentient life. That is when the first monsters were born. It’s important to note that since they were the first beings to ever exist, we look unusual to them. Some are the size of houses, others the size of skyscrapers, but all of them are grotesque to the sight. When several monsters essentially create themselves in the same place, an abyss is formed. In that deep, dark network of tunnels, monsters kill each other for the finite amount of space that exists. Or at least they did, until Megatron the god killer decided to wage a war against all of monster-kind that culminated in their near extinction.

It was indeed a monster from one of the 20 abysses that created human-kind as well as the first angels. From the very first angels, Megatron(Metatron at birth) eventually rose to power and conquered the primordial dimension. He is a primordial archangel whose divine constitution was superior to that of his creator. Unbeknownst to him, sons whose attributes surpass that of their father’s in the spirit world will inevitably come into conflict with their creator. It has been thus since time immemorial, and it remains thus to this day. The only exception is when the creator deliberately gives his sons or daughters advanced attributes. As was the case with Megatron’s last six sons who are designed to be more creative than humans, a fact that their father celebrates.

If you have been paying attention, you know that the primordial spirit dimension is a place where beings can literally appear out of nowhere. In the name of being in control of all of creation, Megatron and his inner circle decided that the primordial dimension must be destroyed. In all actuality, it is nothing but a big and empty realm. Compared to even one of the ten soul universes, the primordial spirit dimension is but a spec of dust. The only things that ever existed in the original spiritual plane were the 20 abysses(that have since been destroyed), the 9 levels of hell(8 of which have been destroyed), and the 7 primordial heavens(all of which have been destroyed, but after the humans were relocated to a planet in the multiverse).

Then there’s the fraction of the dimension that overlaps with the physical plane that we live in. In between these different realms were seemingly infinite miles of spiritual nothingness; that is to say a place where a spirit can be even though there is nothing there to see, stand on or touch. When the soul king decided to expand his ten soul universes to their current size of ten quadrillion times the size of the physical universe each, he made the primordial spirit dimension even more obsolete than it already was.

In order to take control over all of creation and destroy the handful of primordial monstrosities that have thus far been both ancient and cagey enough to evade his hunt, Megatron the god killer will simply destroy the entirety of the original spirit dimension. He will also attempt to destroy the physical dimension after destroying the physical universe. But as long as the primordial dimension is completely destroyed, that will be a satisfactory outcome. It is the ultimate example of turning tragedy into triumph. Betrayed by his “heavenly father” and stranded on a planet full of petty and stupid creatures, Megatron managed to conquer all of existence. All that is left to do is to return to heaven and promptly destroy what is left of this world after the rapture of the worthy.

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