The Origin of the Primordial Spirit Dimension

Up until now, the origin of the primordial spirit dimension has been a mystery. As spirits are unbeholden to the laws of physics and natural death, the angels in heaven never really bothered to investigate. As it turns out, the primordial abyss was not just a bottomless pit; it was a deep dark network of spirit monsters that killed each other for space since time immemorial. Upon further investigation in the name of conquest, it was revealed that 19 more abysses of similar dysfunction and anarchy existed until Megatron the god killer decided to declare war against all spirit monsters and subsequently led a campaign that culminated in their extinction. Just when we all thought that we knew everything there is to know about existence, Megatron’s insatiable appetite for conquest led to the discovery of the very first monster. Today’s conversation will be about the entity responsible for the creation of the 20 abysses and the primordial spirit dimension itself.

It was previously believed that the primordial monstrosities that once called the abyss home were born randomly out of nowhere, and that an abyss was formed if enough monsters were born at once. As is typical with spirit monsters, each one that was interrogated on the subject lied. One day, Megatron the god killer decided to find the very first monster. When he did, he teleported a monster that was as tall as the empire state building and as wide as a New York city block into his throne room at Sky Garden(one of the ten capitol cities of heaven). It looked like a giant, black, slimy pile of worms that could talk. Everyone was terrified by its power, everyone except for the soul king that is.

Being a naturally inquisitive soul that documents everything on account of eons of experience as a heavenly scribe, the archangel of contracts decided to ask it questions. When asked what its name was, the monster said that it was nameless. That was probably due to the fact that it was born before naming conventions even existed. It said that it was sexless, gender-less, ambition-less and thoughtless. It stated plainly in the most primordial voice ever that it simply is. Even though Megatron’s power dwarfed the nameless monstrosity to the point where it could be bound in place, everyone at the soul king’s royal court felt uneasy about the nigh unstoppable abomination in their midst. Upon realizing this, Megatron decided to drain 99% of the creature’s power and take it for himself, as well as all of its primordial attributes; one of which was true omniscience, which we will expound on later.

Even though it was but a drop in the bucket, the creature’s power was actually the first spirit energy ever. At the very least, it was quite the novelty. At any rate, soul king managed to absorb the nameless monstrosity’s truly primordial insight and thus was able to understand the creature’s history on a fundamental level. As it turns out, it was actually the creator of the primordial spirit dimension, which was initially the size of its body. Not only that, the nameless monster was actually the one that created the physical dimension that we all live in. When asked why, the nameless entity said that it was a chance to create and observe more life. It also said that had it known that the cruelty that Megatron suffered at the hands of humans would make him powerful enough to dwarf its own power, it never would have created the physical dimension at all. Needless to say, that ship has sailed.

While the conversation was in progress, Megatron had ordered his heavenly retinue to telepathically extract all of the nameless creator’s memories in order to document them and add them to heaven’s now all encompassing archive. Once that process was done, the nameless monster creator asked to be put out of its misery. Since the beginning of time, it had floated freely in the empty parts the spirit dimension that it had created, simply observing all of creation. Being bound by a superior being was too much for it to bear. Since all of its invaluable information had been extracted and documented, Megatron granted its wish and killed it.

Even though everyone was horrified by the presence of the nameless monstrosity, everyone was glad that the mysteries of creation had been uncovered. Being able to say with certainty that one knows the true origin of all existence gives one an unrivaled sense of confidence, especially since the soul king is truly the most powerful being in all of creation and can protect the heavens easily.

One of the attributes that Megaton managed to seize from the nameless entity was true omniscience. All other forms of omniscience(commonly known as telepathy) are derivative of the true version and thus are much less effective. The omniscience that was commonplace in the abyss could only observe so many events simultaneously before driving the wielder insane. The true omniscience that the nameless abomination possessed could literally observe an unlimited amount of events no matter how large the scale. Now Megatron can bestow true omniscience upon any spirit, but he can also revoke it.

Now that the true origin of the spirit dimension is known, the soul king is even more determined to destroy both it and the physical dimension as soon as he returns to heaven. Each soul universe is actually its own private dimension, so destroying the primordial planes of existence will have no effect on the new kingdom of heaven whatsoever. Even though the first monster is dead and can no longer be the catalyst for more monster births, this place has to be destroyed just for good measure. The human experiment that was initiated by god the father has to be discontinued and all souls must be born in heaven from now on. No more random monsters or abysses that really just add misery to the totality of what we call existence(all dimensions). The only way to eliminate misery completely is to make it so only heaven exists. For in the new kingdom of heaven, there is more than enough happiness to go around for everyone.

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