Human Pettiness

Pettiness is something that can be encountered on all levels of existence. The spirit world was actually full of petty entities until they were all hunted down and killed or slaughtered in open celestial warfare. But the level of pettiness that can be found right here on this planet that we call earth is actually higher than most people would think. This is especially true in cases where the mundane crosses path with the divine. Today’s conversation is about what happens in situations where envy simply gets the best of people.

It can be the most irritating of things, when someone deliberately goes out of their way to inconvenience you because of their own inferiority. Some individuals experience some kind of internal struggle with their own notion of self worth and in an instant decide that one should bear the brunt of their own self-esteem or lack thereof. And just like that, the cashier can snap at you even though you said please. The barber can decide that your money is no good because he thinks himself the king of the chair. It’s the kind of thing that happens when divine royalty crosses paths with mundane trash. That is not to say that everyone in the world reeks of hot garbage. We’re simply talking about very specific cases where jealousy takes center stage.

The reason for human pettiness is actually spiritual. For example, angels and demons cannot coexist. Here in this world, some of us may be familiar with workplace politics. You might be a person who wakes up every day knowing that you will have to not only interact with, but get along with someone that you absolutely hate at work. From a realistic perspective, it makes sense that one would try to avoid having problems in the place where one earns their living. In the spirit world, there is no such thing. Either you get along or you don’t. Either you separate or kill each other. The point is that spirits interact with each other well if they are indeed spiritually compatible. If they are in fact anathema to one another, some sort of dispute will ensue. The same can be said about human souls that reside on earth.

You may believe that behaving a certain way is a choice, and in a lot of ways it is. But our choices serve to define our spiritual nature. Simply put, if you think that someone is a jerk, they made the decision to behave like a jerk long before they even discovered that you exist. That is why some characters are just so unsavory. Everyday that we walk out of our homes, we risk crossing paths with individuals who are antithetical to us on a very fundamental level.

In the spirit world, people don’t die of natural causes and thus can reach an age so old that there are no numbers high enough to count the eons. Because of supernatural longevity, people in the spirit world are way more intense than any human being that still lives in the physical world. That intensity is actually commensurate with the age of the particular entity in question. That is why divinities do not tolerate human pettiness at all. The problem with humans who still live on this side of the existential line is that they have a comparatively flippant attitude towards the notion of honor. For some people, petty insults are a way of life. That is why the notion of divine punishment seems to severe from the human perspective; because most human beings disregard the notion of spiritual consequence, only to realize the folly of their ways after it is entirely too late.

That is one of the myriad reasons that the powers that be have decided that heaven’s children are simply too good for earth. Divinities should not be forced to interact with mundane garbage. Even if one out of ten people on earth are of heavenly quality, that still leaves nine whose destiny is to end up in the spirit trash(also known as hell). Imagine being in god’s position and seeing that your precious child ended up in the hands of a human idiot who will lead them straight to damnation because of their absurdly profound level of ignorance. It’s an easy decision to make, let the idiots go extinct.

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