God of Chaos

By now, everyone has heard of Loki the Norse god of mischief. As the story goes, he was a jotunn who had made some kind of pact with Odin, the chief god of the Norse pantheon. In the marvel adaptation, he was Odin’s adopted son whose real father was the king of the frost giants(jotnar). As it turns out, all mythical “gods” were nothing but demonic contrivances that were meant to lead humanity to hell. When Megatron the god killer rose to power, one of his more notable actions was the decision to bring all of the pagan pantheon’s to life. One of the aforementioned pagan pantheon’s was of course that of the Norse realm, of which Loki is a prominent figure. Today’s conversation will be about Loki and his role in this world’s apocalypse.

As was previously stated, Loki was one of myriad deities that were actually created by Megatron the soul king in the first place very recently. Because the soul multiverse is actually full of divinities that actually have agency and a definitive origin, there are a few differences from the old myths and mainstream adaptations. For example, Thor and Heimdall are actually identical twins. Baldr is alive and well and Tyr has both of his hands. Fenrir is actually a giant mascot in Valhalla rather than a snarling harbinger of the apocalypse and Loki was actually born a full fledged asgardian. Also worth noting, the aesir(asgardians) are immortal like the rest of the citizens of heaven.

Since they are all creations of Megatron the archangel of contracts, many of the gods of the Norse pantheon consider themselves his sons. All except for Odin because of his role as the “all father”, but he does have great respect and admiration for Megatron nonetheless. Once realizing that the Norse gods are indeed his progeny, Megatron tasked Loki with doing what Loki does best, cause chaos.

He sent the trickster god after his enemies on earth and was surprised by the realization that Loki is indeed his most audacious son. Not only does Loki cause all manner of mischief and chaos, he also reveals himself to his victims and introduces himself. That is noteworthy because spiritual revelations are so uncommon that most believe that they are nothing more than the hallucinations of traumatized minds.

Loki likes to make his presence, identity and intentions known because that is simply his modus operandi. He proves that he is more than a talking daydream by doing things like knocking glasses over at the dinner table into people’s laps, turning handles in the shower and even knocking plates onto the ground. Loki can cause car accidents, plane crashes and can even sink ships. When asked why he would do such things, he simply answers that he does what he does in his father’s name. It’s worth mentioning that causing chaos is indeed the nature of Loki’s existence, Megatron simply encourages him to focus on his strengths. Incidentally, there are a lot of idiots that have the cruel habit of making jokes at his father’s expense.

Loki will continue to cause chaos among the enemies of Megatron until his father returns to the heavens, at which point the archangel of contracts will go about the process of destroying what’s left of humanity after the rapture. Loki, along with all of the other formerly pagan deities, are now sanctioned deities who are allowed to call themselves gods and even have followers. Megatron isn’t quite as vainglorious as his predecessor and actually still considers himself a primordial archangel even though his military rank is god of war. Most of the aforementioned deities operate exclusively in the soul multiverse. Loki is one of a handful of deities that choose to come to this world because of loyalty to his father. If you know of anyone who has had an encounter with the god of mischief, woe betide them.

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