War Eternal

The spirit dimension has always been defined by violence. Even before the angelic heavens were created, primordial spirit monsters have engaged in a perpetual struggle for supremacy and survival. Almost as soon as the first humans were created, war broke out in the heavens. After Megatron and the rest of heaven’s military defeated Satan and his demon horde, the archangel of contracts declared war on the primordial spirit monsters and successfully invaded the abyss in order to exterminate all of monster-kind. Today’s conversation is about why violence will always be part of the spirit world even long after the physical world is arbitrarily destroyed.

When Rahab the primordial archangel and twin brother of both Megatron and Sandalphon declared war against the heavens after the ascension of Enoch(Metatron in the first place), he and the one third of heaven’s military that he was in charge of became enemies of heaven. For 5,000 years, Megatron and Sandalphon led their respective factions of heaven’s military to war against their own brother. That was until Rahab discovered god the father’s dirty little secret when talking to his minions leviathan and behemoth, who were actually monsters from the abyss. One day they randomly divulged god the father’s true identity, that of a bipedal monster named Primanthar from the abyss who himself had a father named Primanthos. As soon as Rahab found out the truth of his father’s identity, god the father promptly imprisoned him in a light-less cell in unbreakable chains where he remained for the next 10,000 years before getting executed at some point thereafter by the archangel of contracts.

Upon realizing that his brother was suffering a fate worse than death, Sandalphon decided that the time to throw down the gauntlet had arrived. Incidentally, Sandalphon(who was going by Lucifer at the time) changed his name to Satan and revealed to everyone just how despicable he really was when he decided to order both his faction and the one that was loyal to his brother Rahab(the first devil) to attack the 7th heaven and kill everyone including civilians. When Metatron heard the commotion, he rushed to the scene and initiated a moment that became heaven’s most important legend. When he realized that his entire faction of archangels (including the so called Michael) and their corresponding legions decided to cower in fear at the sight of the demon horde that was tearing heaven asunder, Metatron took it upon himself to make the interlopers pay dearly.

In essence, Metatron rushed towards the 15 trillion plus demons and single-handedly attacked them with a savage mixture of melee, hand to hand, and elemental attacks that enabled him to reach the center of the demonic battalion’s formation where he found none other than Satan himself. With two strokes of his sword, Metatron managed to cut off Satan’s legs and arms. The third swing of his sword was meant to decapitate Satan but the self proclaimed enemy of god ran away and every last one of his demons followed him out of heaven. From that day onward, the angels of heaven that witnessed the spectacular destruction that chased Satan and his demonic horde out of paradise referred to the prince of the presence as Megatron(which means ultimate warrior) the archangel of contracts. Make no mistake, he remains heaven’s chief contract killer to this very day.

It is worth noting that the fire and lightning are of effect attacks that took out millions of demons at a time were what gave birth to the myth of Zeus/Jupiter and Thor the god of thunder. As some of you may know, all of the pagan myths were merely demonic rumors that were meant to lead humans to hell. That is why god the father hated the myth of Zeus/Jupiter the most out of all of the false pantheons, because it meant that the forces of hell regarded Megatron as god and not him. After all, he did cower in fear when Satan attacked because the point was to lure him into the center of the demonic formation in order to converge on and kill him. Also worth noting, Megatron brought all of the pagan pantheons to life and they are now sanctioned deity’s that are allowed to have followers, so long as they do not commit atrocities against citizens of heaven.

After the war in heaven was brought to a definitive conclusion that culminated in the public execution of god the father because of his crimes against both humanity and angelkind, Megatron decided to explore the primordial abyss. Since no one from heaven had ever thought of jumping into the abyss, there was no way to know what he would find. Much to his and everyone in heaven’s surprise, he stumbled upon none other than Primanthos, the king of the Primantheans. Due to his inquisitive nature Megatron eventually found out that god the father was actually born in the primordial abyss to a father named Primanthos. They were as unsightly as a family could possibly be, trillions upon trillions of enormous frog-like monstrosities. Things started out well, but eventually Megatron decided to kill Primanthos; but that was after finding out that god the father was actually raping and killing his own daughters(both angels and humans alike) by throwing them into the abyss to be eaten alive by monsters.

Once he was able to confirm that the nature of the monsters of the abyss was amoral at best, Megatron decided to kill them all for sport. The official pretext for war was that the safety of heaven had to be ensured, but he just enjoys killing enemy spirits. After discovering that there was more than one abyss, Megatron went about the process of finding and invading them all. After each invasion, he paraded that particular abyss’ king through the streets of heaven before publicly executing them. That should have been the end of conflict in the spirit world, but this is the spirit world that we are talking about.

A some point before ultimately destroying them, Megatron turned the twenty primordial abysses into heavenly realms that produced angels instead of monsters. That was all well and good until the male angels from the outer provinces of heaven decided to declare war on Megatron because they wanted to kill him and take his women. On three separate days, Megatron and heaven’s new military engaged the rogue angels and slaughtered them. By the end of the third battle, over one hundred trillion of heaven’s enemies were dead. Megatron used his telekinesis to make sure that none were able to run away so that none would survive.

After killing literally everyone that lived outside of heaven including the very first monster, the soul multiverse is now able to focus on internal conflicts that are carefully curated by Megatron the soul king. He designed the 10 soul universes in such a way that people re-spawn 24 hours with no memory of how they died, that way the trauma does not stay in their psyche. Also, pain has been reduced to the feeling of one’s foot falling asleep. Even of an entire planet is destroyed by one super-powered conflict or another, everything re-spawns the next day as if the destruction never happened. The nature of conflict in the soul multiverse is such that heaven’s military will spend all of eternity honing their skills in battle. Anyone who doesn’t want to fight can simply teleport away from the battle and come back later.

That is why war is indeed eternal, because Megatron passed on his love of battle to his progeny and they intend to fight simply because it is the way of things. At some point after returning to the heavens, Megatron the god killer will actually destroy both the physical dimension as well as the primordial spirit dimension that was created by the first monster. The point is to ensure that no potential enemies of heaven are born in the first place. If for some reason a new enemy fighting force presents itself, Megatron and the rest of heaven’s seasoned veterans will rush to meet them in battle. Such a scenario is unlikely, but here’s hoping that there is another justifiable opportunity for wholesale slaughter.

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