Mundane Triviality

What is the meaning of life? It is a question that that has been debated since time immemorial by philosophers and simpletons alike. Some have a long term perspective, others like to live in the moment. Everyone else seems to land somewhere in between. Today’s conversation will be about why everything on earth is all important and trivial at the exact same time.

It seems that everyone has their own take on what’s important in life. That statement applies to the citizens of the heavens as well as the denizens of earth. The fundamental difference between the two perspectives is that people in the heavens don’t die and thus are unbeholden to the finite sense of time that mortals have. It is that inexorable truth that compels humans to allocate an inordinate amount of importance to things that just don’t matter in the end.

While it is indeed important to get ahead in life, some of the minutiae that comprise the space in between worthwhile objectives are more often than not filled with petty nonsense. For example, it is important to earn a living. But is it really necessary to engage in office politics? Must we speak to people we do not like? Can we not just do our job and go home? Simple questions that seem out of place in an unnecessarily complex world. Just in case the tone of the previous sentence was overly sarcastic, unnecessary complexity is just a fancy way of saying stupidity.

The thing about most people on the mortal side of the existential line is that the finite life span of human beings leads to an absurdly short-sighted mindset. Why acknowledge the creator when you can spend the cosmic equivalent of five minutes acting like the existence of such an entity is of no consequence? So what if your immortal soul gets tossed in an eternal dumpster fire, at least you have your mundane pride.

It’s not that our earthly concerns are not important. Quite the contrary, there is nothing better than making sure that one has control of one’s own mortal life. The question is, why can’t both be important? Is it not possible to enjoy the fruits of your labor on earth while being mindful of your eternal destination? Such questions are obviously rhetorical in a world where teachers make about as much money as garbage collectors in some parts of the world, or perhaps even less.

That is why the world as we know it will probably come to an end. Because forcing beings of low spiritual caste to be born in physical bodies leads to all kinds of pettiness and ignorance. That is not to say that this world is all doom and gloom. It would definitely be fair to say that the sun shines on a remarkable amount of beauty in this world every single day. It is only when one steps outside of narrow perspective of mortals that one realizes that the majority of this world is not worth sustaining if it means forcing heaven’s children to grow up in such a cold world.

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