There’s no Place Like Home

South Florida has been my home for the majority of my mortal lifetime. I grew up there and never once thought negatively about the area in general. Some people might dislike the high temperatures and the fact that it seems like everything is far from where you live if traffic is taken into consideration. But to me, it always feels like home when I go there. Today I’m going to write in first person because it is the only way to properly express why I must stay away from there even after 5 years of living abroad.

Most of my fond memories of Florida are from when I was a child all the way up to my young adult years. After a certain point, living with my parents and siblings turned out to be a nightmare. Unfortunately for me, they are the kind of people who don’t take responsibility for egregious offenses if there is no empirical evidence that implicates them in the slightest. Because of that unfortunate fact, I ended up in a situation where people judged me harshly without hearing my side of the story. As you can imagine, I wasn’t exactly the most social person my last few years in Florida.

Notwithstanding my hellish home life, I still have a lot of good memories about south Florida. I mostly loved my early years there, even though as an adult I now realize that things cold have been so much better. I always had good friends, perhaps they even remember me long after we parted ways for whatever reason. I never had any good luck with girls back then, but I always stayed optimistic that my next attempt would be better no matter how badly I may have crashed and burned on the previous attempt.

I was actually into sports back then. I excelled at everything that I participated in, otherwise I would sit out and watch. I was particularly good at baseball, but unfortunately the sport that I used to love brought me a lot of drama at home. So much so that the level of vitriol that I experienced was literally at unbelievable levels. I got tired of feeling like nobody would believe that such respected Christians would behave so atrociously, so I never spoke about it to anyone.

Despite feeling like I lived in a world where apathy abounds, I did my best to focus on the positive. I loved the weather and the architecture of the area that I lived in. Even the people that I did not know somehow found a way contribute to the overall environment that I had come to know and love. I guess you can say that I had a mostly happy experience in my youth. Even though I still have my boyish good looks, I’ll be 35 this July.

I got more difficult to enjoy life in south Florida because my career path has been most unfortunate there, even after graduating from college with honors. One day my parents informed me that I would have to leave their south Florida home and told me that my only option was to move to the Dominican Republic, and believe me when I say that I had no say in the matter. Eventually I took the first opportunity to move out of my parents house. Now I really can’t go back to my parent’s Florida house because I simply cannot accept their terms anymore.

Hopefully opportunity will knock and enable me to move back to south Florida. That is, after all, the reason that I learned word press and rebuilt my website. My recent discovery of my real name and origin story helps me hope that at some point people will begin to acknowledge me as Megatron Prime the Omega. That is but the recent title that was bestowed upon me by the citizens of heaven. I do have faith that someday my fans will start behaving like fans in a more overt way. Until then, I’ll do my best to enjoy my bachelor lifestyle where I am. It’s actually not so bad at all, most of the time.

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