Creation Formula: Angels

Angels are typically depicted as winged beings that are innocent and kind by nature. While there are many who are like that, the angelic race is far from monolithic. Some are kind, some are jerks. Some are brave, some are cowards. Some are beautiful, some aren’t so fortunate. One thing that all angelic beings have in common regardless of the distinct characteristics of their respective angelic orders is the fact that they must act according to their hearts. In the past, the angelic race was the only one in the heavens. These days, there are myriad deities of all shapes and sizes. Today’s conversation will be about how the old creation formula became obsolete and why all of the angels in heaven had to be reborn.

As was previously stated, angels were the only race that populated the heavens. Humans also live in heaven, but it is an entirely different experience and their heavenly planet was segregated from the other six heavenly realms that belonged to the angels and god. After Megatron Prime the Omega created the multiverse, divinities that are classified as souls came into existence. The term soul is generally used to refer to divinities that are not angels. Some look like humans, while others look like creatures straight out of high fantasy. There are even celestial cyborgs now that are every bit as divine as everyone else in the heavens, even though not everyone is so open minded.

One thing that all of the souls have in common is that they are made in Megatron’s image. That means that they were born with his core characteristics, such as being logic driven rather than being impulsive as angels have often been accused of being. At this point you might be wondering why a primordial archangel like Megatron is so different from all of the other angels. The reason for that is that he was born an apex divinity. That means that he was born with superior attributes such as hyper-intelligence, power and speed. He is also described as the most handsome male in all of creation, but that’s beside the point.

When Megatron created the souls, they immediately clashed with the angels. At first, the souls got along with Megatron’s angelic progeny. Tens of billions of angels and over one hundred thousand archangels who were once described as souls with wings. At least, that was the case when they were newborns. Even though angels are born full grown, they have to make a series of decisions that will ultimately define their personality for the rest of eternity. After that point, they often times develop bad habits that endure for eons if not forever. Unfortunately, one of those bad habits that most of them developed was to treat the souls like inferiors.

At first the situation was easy to mitigate, but things took a turn for the worst when Megatron’s angelic progeny matured. It got to the point where the souls started referring to angels as angelic trash. As angels only have ten floating continents and a handful of heavenly planets, they were the minority in a multiverse that is exponentially larger than the physical universe. When Megatron’s angelic sons and daughters became ashamed of who they were, the soul king decided to act. He literally recreated every angel in heaven and made them like the souls, some of whom are officially gods and goddesses.

After that, the angels were fully accepted by the souls and harmony defined heavenly culture once again. It would be easy to underestimate the significance of such an upheaval of the heavenly status quo, but try not to. After all, the term angel as well as the nature of their existence was a concept designed by the entity once known as god the father. The angels only continue to consider themselves thus because they are proud of their angelic progenitor. You may write this off as the fantasy of an exceptional writer. But that’s the thing about the heavens, the opinions of mortals are of no consequence to the citizens of the soul multiverse.

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