Mortal Death

It’s human nature to think of death as the end. It is also human nature to be ignorant of the cosmic level of creation and to think that physical life is the apex of existence. When loved one’s pass away, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment whether you lost a relative or a pet. Today’s conversation is about why there are cases where physical death is actually the best thing that could ever happen to a person.

It is completely unnatural for spirit beings to live inside of physical bodies. It probably does not seem that way to everyone who is reading this, but people should not be forced to live a physical existence against their will. Look at it this way, if you were born in heaven where everything is perfect, there’s no way that you would decide to come to the physical dimension. That is, of course, unless you were tricked. There are cases where dying means going somewhere even worse than earth, but lets focus on the people who go to heaven for now.

When a human is granted passage into the blessed realm after death, they actually forget all about their loved ones. It’s not that they are made to forget, they simply stop caring about earth entirely because of the complacency that literally permeates the air in human heaven. Since everyone there does whatever they want and nobody has to pay bills, it becomes exceedingly easy to forget the stress of caring for a physical body. At that point, one’s soul becomes the spirit body, for lack of a better term. Moreover, people in human heaven don’t actually have to eat for sustenance, but they still have the option to manifest whatever dish they can think of.

Up to this point, humans have been put into human bodies without being given a choice of whether or not they want to be physical beings. From the heavenly perspective, it is difficult to imagine being born completely ignorant of the heavenly realm and the divine rights that come with living there. Even now, you wouldn’t have to look hard to find a human being who will be sent to hell because of their ignorance, willful or otherwise.

The very fact that humans have to be judged and deemed worthy of heaven’s graces is in and of itself indicative of a lack of divine rights. When a citizen of the soul multiverse(everywhere but human heaven) does something unforgivable, they are shunned by their community at the very least. Worst case scenario, the offending party is permanently killed and not allowed to re-spawn 24 hours later like everyone else. Worth noting, only Megatron the Soul King has the authority to permanently execute people who offend him greatly enough.

At any rate, humans who are granted passage into the human section of the heavens are simply better off than they were on earth. It’s perfectly normal to miss loved ones if one does not have the means to visit them at will. But in cases where their safe arrival in heaven can be verified, one muse always remember that the people of human heaven literally forget everyone that they ever knew. Although they would recognize loved ones on sight, humans in heaven all live in their own houses alone in blissful ignorance for the rest of eternity. Perhaps it is inhuman to expect people to cope with their loss in such a way. Or perhaps it is just a way to expedite the process of moving on, seeing as how it has to happen whether we like it or not.

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