Heavenly Segregation

For as long as humans have existed, the heavens have been segregated. In this world, the differences between races is obvious in terms of appearance. But in the heavens, the divine consider humans one race. There are several reasons for that belief, but the main one is that they all behave the same way if and when they get to heaven. Today’s conversation will be about why the heavens have been segregated since the dawn of humanity, and why it matters in the end.

Human behavior in heaven is pretty basic. Everyone gets their own home and there are so many thousands of miles in between houses that nobody ever bothers to leave the immediate vicinity of where they live. Every human that goes to heaven literally hangs around the house every day in blissful ignorance that reaches nigh unfathomable levels. Because of the trillions of human souls that are in heaven, human complacency is in the air so to speak. That is precisely why each new arrival simply contributes to the status quo.

In essence, human heaven is like one big zoo. If they were allowed to fly and teleport, the citizens of human heaven would behave in a way that is considered erratic by divine standards. If humans had enough spirit energy to be sexual after being separated from the flesh, there would be non-stop orgies in heaven for all of eternity. Fortunately, their creator only used the minimum amount of spirit energy for each human so as to not deplete his own life force to the point where he could be overthrown.

It is possible to deify humans and and give them divine attributes in the process, but it’s usually not worth the effort to fix something that isn’t broken. Even though there are myriad races in the soul multiverse, they all fall under the same classification. Every non-angelic divinity is called a soul, some of whom are actually gods and goddesses. Angelkind was recently reborn as part of Megatron the Soul King’s effort to iron out the wrinkles in the creation formula of the being once known as god the father.

As a result of the redefinition of the very nature of divinity, there is a sense of communion and harmony in the soul multiverse. If humans were sent anywhere but the human heavenly planet, they would immediately introduce discord into the heavens because of the fact that the majority of humans are just so petty. They could be recreated and deified, but why go through such a hassle over a race that has officially been discontinued. Better to rapture the worthy humans and send them to their section of eternal paradise, than to try and reinvent the wheel.

If you need any more proof of how self-destructive human beings are, just look at what is happening to the planet’s environment and the animals that haven’t been hunted into extinction yet. If we actually took the time to think about all of the atrocities that humans commit against each other, it would be a very depressing day. They say that life’s not fair. They say that because human beings are wretches for the most part. Those who are indeed worthy of ascending to the heavely plane of existence should probably be sent to human heaven in an effort to preserve the divine way of things by leaving well enough alone.

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