Omegatron Prime the Omega

The significance of names takes on a whole new meaning in the spirit world. When a spirit is named, he or she takes on characteristics that correspond with their name’s meaning. If their name means strong, they will think strongly. If their name means gentle, they will think gently. It’s not enough to imbue a spirit with abilities or attributes that are beyond the capabilities of the nature of their existence, but a name does shape the personality in a noticeable way. Today’s conversation will be about how heaven’s champion was renamed for the second time, and why it matters on the eternal timeline.

The primordial archangel known as Metatron was renamed Megatron(which means ultimate warrior) when he single-handedly defeated Satan’s rebellion eons ago. All of the angels of heaven thought that it was appropriate to exalt their number one protector in such a way, especially since literally every other archangel including the likes of Michael cowered in fear. Even the being once known as god the father was too afraid to come out of his secluded thrown room to defend his own kingdom; which ended being regarded as a false paradise when the great exodus of the angels took place after Megatron created the first of ten soul universes, but that is neither here nor there.

At some point, the archangel of contracts decided to invade the 20 primordial abysses one at a time and ended up putting well over 300 trillion ancient abominations to the sword. A year later, Megatron decided to create a son and name him Omegatron. He was supposed to be the crown prince of heaven with a power level that towered above all of the soul king’s other creations by far. The problem was that since Omegatron was essentially designed to be Megatron jr, he ended up wanting to be the original instead of the copy.

Megatron was originally dubbed the prince of the countenance because of his unparalleled handsomeness, but he rejected it because he thought that it sounded too vain and thus became known as the prince of the presence instead. Unfortunately, Omegatron did not take after his father in terms of humility and thus became resentful of his father. As soon as Megatron realized that his son followed in Satan’s footsteps in terms of vanity and hatred of his father, the archangel of contracts had his own son executed. Unlike the being once known as god the father, Megatron is not willing to let a father hating bastard live for more than 5 seconds after declaring himself the devil.

Incidentally, Omegatron was unceremoniously stripped of his name by the citizens of heaven because they felt that he did not earn such a grandiose title. As you can imagine, that particular turn of events only added fuel to the fire. Some time after, the citizenry in the heavens decided to exalt their king by renaming him Omegatron Prime the Omega. It still means ultimate warrior, but now it also means the end of all things. Everyone in heaven noted that every battle in both the war in heaven as well the war against the primordial monsters ended as soon as the archangel of contracts made the enemy retreat, only to be prevented from escaping so that they could all be slaughtered.

They added the last name Prime because he is more capable than every other timeline’s version of the soul king. The Omega was added to further emphasize the point that it was Omegatron that brought about the end of the era of ancient monstrosities by not only hunting down all of the monsters for sport, but even going as far as killing the progenitor of the monster race; who happens to be the first being to ever exist and the creator of both the primordial spirit dimension as well as the physical dimension that we are all stranded in right now.

That’s right, all the philosophy in the world stemmed from some ancient monster who started a series of events that eventually led to the creation of humans. Yet another thing that Omegatron Prime the Omega will bring to an end, the era of souls being forced into human bodies against their will. He has already initiated the apocalypse, but the world cannot end while the soul king is still stranded in the human world. Otherwise, life on earth would have long since ceased to exist after being brought to a most spectacular end. If you don’t believe it, wait a while and watch the end yourself with your own eyes.

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