New World Order

In order for the new world order to be established, the current world order has to die. The overpopulation that resulted from the over-creation of humans has led to a world where most people live in unthinkably bad situations. One can’t help but think that if there were less people on earth, there would be more resources to go around. Today’s conversation will be about why Thanos may have been onto something all along.

All jokes aside, the situation in the world today is such that more up to three fourths of the earth’s population may very well die. If we’re being optimistic about it, not everyone on earth will die in a global pandemic. Ideally, it would be the scum of the earth that bears the brunt of the divine wrath that seems to be afflicting the planet right now. If you take a moment to put yourself in divine shoes, you might get a little tired of human subjectivity(what the divine call human stupidity).

Think about it, a planet full of bipedal creatures who believe that everyone is entitled to their own truth as it pertains to the grand scheme of things. As if there are no immutable facts about creation and the divine way of things. If you were in charge of the earth in the divine level, the first thing that you would do would be to pull the plug on the creation cycle. Perhaps if the birthrate falls to 0%, the debate about the nature of humankind’s existence would finally be put to rest. I you thought that, you would be wrong.

As it turns out, human subjectivity/stupidity will lead most to explain the falling birthrate by doing what they always do, blame the millennials. You might think that such a turn of events would get all those clueless creatures to make better choices when it comes to how they address the divine. If you though that, you would be wrong. The reason being that the mainstream media will try desperately to literally speak of the apocalypse as if it were something that people can just innovate their way out of. They might even interview the biggest idiots that they can find so that they will say that everything is peachy right now.

Perhaps it’s just human nature to try and cling so desperately to a life that is, in all actuality, a curse. How else would you describe being a human soul that is forced into a human body at birth, rather than being born in heaven in the first place. The good news is that not everyone will die in the global pandemic that has the world by the throat right now. The world order as it is will cease to exist and with any luck, every last depraved scumbag on earth will be dead. It would be something akin to project mayhem on steroids. That’s just looking on the bright side. You might think that it is inhuman to find the silver lining in our current situation, and you’re probably right.

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