Post Apocalypse

Most people spend their whole lives trying to avoid the subject of death. It’s only natural, trying to avoid the thought of what seems to be a great unknown. These days, it seems like death is in the air. If it seems thus, it’s because people are under the impression that they can avoid dying by avoiding the air itself. The irony of it all is that death is not something anyone on earth can avoid forever. Today’s conversation will be about how all of the doom and gloom of today’s headlines will eventually come to an end, and what happens to the billions who will survive.

It is indeed the natural reaction that we see in the world today. Governments looking for a cure and pretending that they found one. People being afraid to go anywhere or even come into contact with others at all. Some people live their lives knowing that the heavens are not trying to strike them down, while others hide like rodents that are trying to avoid getting poisoned. To say that this predicament that we all find ourselves in is apocalyptic would actually be the biggest understatement ever.

By now, the christian church is probably wondering why the apocalypse is happening while they’re still on earth. According to christian doctrine, the rapture of the church is supposed to happen before the whole world falls apart. Yet here we all are, watching the world fall apart around us with our own eyes.

The answer is actually very simple. The being once known as god the father picked a fight that he could not win. He actually tried to frame heaven’s greatest protector to look like the bad guy in the story, and that was after letting “archangel” Michael commit the second biggest fraud in all of creation by pretending that he was the one that chased Satan and his demons off single-handedly.

Instead of giving credit to Omegatron(Metatron), the real superhero among the archangels, Michael was acknowledged for something that he simply did not do. When Satan and his demon horde invaded the 7th heaven, Michael chose to cower in fear and accept his fate without a fight. It is a pretense that is only surpassed by the being formerly known as god the father himself, who also cowered in fear instead of defending his kingdom.

Even after heaven’s real champion accepted that his father could tell stupid humans whatever he wants, that false god still chose to betray his most loyal son when the angels in heaven exalted him by collectively renaming him Megatron, which means ultimate warrior. So Megatron ends up on earth, and the so called god “almighty” turns all of his humans against him. They actually thought of the most violent conqueror spirit in all of creation as a joke. They truly believed that they could make a mockery of the primordial archangel that god the father pretended to be(right the down to the unfathomably deep voice) without consequence.

Well, it seems like the shoe is on the other foot. That false god was destroyed almost two years ago and now the humans that chose to pick the wrong side are doomed. They will all die from one natural disaster or another until only one fourth of the earth’s population will remain. The people who have already been chosen are the ones who chose to believe that Omegatron Prime the Omega(ultimate warrior and the end of all things) is who he says that he is. Only children will be spared, regardless of their beliefs.

After humanity is culled, the billions of survivors will have to rebuild the global community. Chances are the world will be a better place. All of the scum of the earth will be dead. That means all of the monsters that commit the most heinous atrocities will rot and then burn. Since all of the demons and both devils have been slain, demonic/satanic influence will not play a role in the shaping of the new collective unconscious. Though the toxic atmosphere that we are dealing with seems to have no end in sight, there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. At the end of the day, all who live through these troublesome times will collectively say good riddance.

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