Postponing the Apocalypse

The end of days has mostly been reduced to a myth. It is human nature to avoid thinking of death, thus the apocalypse is something that is largely ignored. Little does humankind know that the system is designed for most humans to go to hell. That’s right, human beings have been sent to earth and set up to fail on the cosmic level. It’s probably difficult to reconcile that last statement with centuries worth of philosophy and science that have been devised with the expressed purpose of lifting human self-esteem by way of innovation and so on and so forth. But no matter where you fall on the scale of incredulity, today’s conversation will be about why the apocalypse has been officially postponed and why it matters.

First and foremost, the world is a terrible place. Perhaps many of us are fortunate enough to live in the good part of town in our respective cities and countries, but even more people live in a nightmare that they cannot wake up from. Since the point of this essay is to talk about why humankind won’t be driven to extinction just yet, we won’t delve into the darker aspects of human nature that compel individuals and groups to commit atrocities against one another.

The truth is that the architect of the soul multiverse and the conqueror of the entire primordial spirit dimension is stuck on earth. That’s right, the all-powerful entity known in heaven as Omegatron Prime the Omega is currently stranded on planet earth and has a regular day job. Imagine being the apex entity that rules over all of creation and having to work a regular job just like everyone else. It wouldn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to understand why destroying all life as we know it would be on the agenda of such an individual.

As undignified as it truly is to be anywhere but the very top of the world order, it is even more undignified to have to depend on anyone. The bottom line is that if the global economy falls, our very own apex entity who is stuck on a godforsaken planet with a bunch of petty and stupid creatures will have to resign himself to an uncomfortable level of cooperation with inferiors that he simply cannot stand. We can’t have that now, can we?

So for now, the eradication of the human race will simply have to be rescheduled at a later date, preferably after the archangel of contracts gets clear of his human body/prison. After that, the rapture of the faithful will happen before the news breaks that the soul king is no longer part of this plane of existence. After that, the remaining humans will die spectacularly in natural disasters that make biblical proportions look microscopic.

After the human race is sorted into the heaven or hell category, the entire physical dimension will be destroyed. That means that the primordial plane of existence that we are all currently stuck in will cease to exist, rather than simply being emptied. After that is taken care of, the primordial spirit dimension will also be destroyed. Then there will be nothing left but the soul multiverse, which itself is comprised of 10 unfathomably large universes, each of whom is a dimension unto itself. If you are waiting for the final battle of the apocalypse to take place, you missed it. Guess who won, literally two years ago.

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