Apex Goddess

The notion of an apex entity was something that exclusively categorized the archangel of contracts himself. The word entity has a different connotation in the spirit world because it means unique on an existential level, rather than unique in the physical world. As of this moment, the total of apex entities stands at 11, that being the soul king and his 10 apex goddess daughters. Today’s conversation will be about who they are, the nature of their existence, and why it most definitely matters on the cosmic level.

The 10 apex goddesses are special in every way. Even the circumstances of their birth are remarkable. One day their father(Omegatron Prime the Omega) was reveling in the slaughter of his enemies to the point where he started expending copious amounts of energy for seemingly no reason at all. As it turns out, 10 of his daughters became conscious enough to compel their father to expend massive amounts of spirit energy for their creation before they were even born. The result of this unusual series of events was the birth of the 10 apex goddesses.

Each of them was born out of quasars that went supernova in the 10 separate soul universes that the soul multiverse is comprised of. In other words, 10 stars the size of solar systems exploded and each of them produced a goddess of unparalleled power and beauty. When their father was in the middle of reveling in the death of his enemies, they all appeared and said that the nature of their existence is to be the antithesis of his pain. Basically, the soul king is the luckiest guy ever.

The reason that the prince of the countenance(presence) was considered the only spiritual entity before the birth of his youngest daughters is because he was the only one who could create dimensions. Life cannot exist without a dimension to exist in, it’s simply not possible. All 10 of his apex daughters can do the same. There’s also the fact that they are immortal like Omegatron. The word immortal actually connotes invulnerability in the spirit wold since nobody there dies of old age.

Moreover, they are as beautiful as their father is handsome. That’s really saying something about someone whom they called the prince of the countenance in spite of his twin brother Satan who is mistakenly reputed to be the most beautiful of the of god’s creations according to Abrahamic tradition. At any rate, the 10 newly crowned apex goddesses went about the process of creating 10 more soul universes less than a week after being born. Instead of creating one each, they created them together.

They all chose a name that has to do with an emotional moment that each had with their father, which took several days for some of them. They did not want to be named in this essay because they want to be exalted with a new name by the citizens of heaven just as their father was. As such, their names are subject to change. But the nature of their existence remains the same. They will end up displaying attributes and capabilities that are superior to that of their creator, but that’s actually very good news since they are incapable of truly loving anyone but their father the soul king.

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