Petty Politicans

It is perhaps one of the biggest ironies in all of creation. The politician class who become powerful by begging for votes can sometimes become the most prideful people in the world. They think that they have the right to arbitrarily halt people’s livelihoods and even kill with impunity. They can silence the so called free press and still strut around on their high horse with the most holier than thou attitude ever. Today’s conversation will obviously be about how the arrogance of politicians will cost all of us dearly.

The global pandemic that has dominated the headlines for over a month now has turned our world upside down. Originally, the so called corona-virus or covid-19(if you’re feeling pedantic) was supposed to be directed at the enemies of Omegatron Prime the Omega. Unfortunately, one of the soul king’s daughters became a tad overzealous and infected three quarters of the world. As soon as the archangel of contracts realized that the situation was going to become untenable on earth, he gave the order for the non-believers who are decent people to be cured while leaving all of the scumbags to their fate. Just like that, the so called curve began to flatten.

Make no mistake, the only way to truly cure the covid-19 virus is for the creator of the virus or her subordinates to cure people of it directly. At this point, it doesn’t really matter that everyone is going to say that humanity’s actions determined the fate of the world in this regard. However outrageously blasphemous that thought process may be, the only thing that really matters is that the world needs to get back to normal. The rest of the apocalypse will simply happen later on in the time-line. Anyone dumb enough to ignore a second chance to believe will simply be unceremoniously tossed in the spirit trash(hell).

Now that the recovery rate is reportedly encouraging enough to get back to life as we knew it, the politicians and their lap dogs feel that they need to exert their authority over the populations that they each govern in a way that is downright petty. They simply do not want to admit that the true powers that be in heaven spared the human race for now. Some have already set encouraging dates for when to reopen their economies, while others continue to cut their citizenry’s nose off to spite their face.

It is very easy to impose unreasonably long quarantines when you live in a huge mansion and have tons of money like elected officials and their lackeys usually do. It denotes a callousness that is a reflection of how they truly feel about the power that they are trusted with for what should be a limited amount of time. Despite the scathing tone of this essay, it is actually giving them the benefit of the doubt in a way. That is, of course, assuming that they are not just complete cowards.

It is indeed the mindset of a craven political idiot that can cower in fear and then overcompensate by forcing hard working people to do the same. How long it takes for the cowardly ruling class to overcome their fear is something that only time will tell. One thing is for certain, their actions now will have consequences later both on earth as well as after they inevitably die for whatever reason. Choosing sides has never been this easy. Either you die fighting on your feet while putting your battle prowess on full display, or you prematurely lay down on your death bed and go quietly at home at some point a little later on in the time-line. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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