Four Horsemen: Fact vs Fiction

We are all witnessing what the bible calls the “tribulation”. All four horsemen(who are actually one entity) are loose and the world is now becoming a dystopian reflection of what it once was. It has been arbitrarily decided by the true powers that be in the heavens that the apocalypse will not go into full effect for now. There will always be those who think themselves powerful enough to control the narrative, but theirs is a fleeting sense of control. That is why today’s conversation will be about how the “four horsemen” have changed the way that we live, and how today’s politicians can do nothing but tell half truths through their media lap dogs.

The conquest of the spirit world has played out right before our eyes. The primordial archangel once known as Metatron led the heavenly host on a successful campaign that culminated in the complete annihilation of demonkind and both devils. As if that eons long undefeated military career wasn’t enough, the archangel of contracts got bored at some point and decided to embark on another campaign against the monsters of the twenty primordial abysses. Again, the complete obliteration of an entire spirit race and a spirit body count well over three hundred trillion was witnessed by all in the heavens and a select few on earth.

At this point you might be wondering why a power struggle among disparate factions in the spirit world matters to us on earth. The very specific and obvious reason that it matters is that somewhere along the way, the creator of this godforsaken ball of mud that we call earth got killed because he picked a fight and lost. That means that the creation cycle that seemed to perpetuate the human race has been halted as a matter of course. It also means that that nobody in the heavens cares about observing, meddling with or even punishing humans on a long term basis.

If you’re keeping score, you’ll know that we just covered two horsemen for the price of one. Naming conquest and war separately might seem redundant, but that’s because you don’t know why conquest is sometimes translated as pestilence. It is because of a disagreement between the primordial archangel who was once heaven’s chief scribe and the being who was once known as god almighty.

Megatron(Metatron exalted with a new name given by the angels of the 7 ancient heavens) had humans interpret the first horseman as pestilence because he simply could not believe that the spirit once known as god the father would lead an army and ride to meet his enemy in battle. He actually laughed in “god’s” face because he found the notion amusing, not realizing that his own father decided to set him up to take the fall eons before executing order 66.

At any rate, the current pestilence that grips the world was actually a coincidence. When Omegatron(Metatron exalted once again with a new name given by the citizens of the new heavens after hunting down and destroying all spirit monsters) asked one of his daughters to poison his enemies, she suggested that non-believers should also die. He said sure, not realizing that he was speaking to his most audacious daughter. Next thing you know, the bodies started piling up in the hundreds of thousands.

Fortunately, there’s still time to cure the decent people around the world who happen to be non-believers. The numbers might seem staggering, but at least the death toll won’t reach the billions as was originally intended. Human subjectivity(synonymous with stupidity in the heavens) will compel many to believe that social distancing and science are the answer. But it matters not, because all of the philosophy and demagoguery in the world will not stop the horseman of death from riding.

In today’s world, it’s difficult to imagine that famine could reach the four corners of the world. This is especially true if you live in a “first world” country. Take a look at the news for about five minutes and you will hear about how the human fear of death is ironically compelling politicians to force people to die of starvation. You hear about how farmers are destroying crops because not enough people can buy them. Given the facts, you can say that the horseman of famine was unleashed by mankind itself. Perhaps that is the politician's way of asserting their control over their own destiny. It certainly seems to be their chosen narrative in the news.

Whatever your beliefs, it simply does not matter. Unlike heaven’s previous management, heaven’s new management is not interested in pretense. Those who choose well will live eternally in paradise. Those who do not will die and burn in hell until it is time to destroy everyone there along with the hell dimension itself. The notion of trying desperately to convince others not to get themselves tossed in the spirit trash is actually offensive. Especially when it comes to humans who think that their textbooks cover spirit phenomena accurately. By all means, see for yourself if there are enough degrees on earth to match the temperature in hell.

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