New Divinity

Up until now, spirits have always been born to either a mother or a father but not both. It has been thus since time immemorial. What’s more, spiritual birth is an altogether different process than physical birth. People in the spirit world are not born of flesh, hence the lack of physical interaction during the creation process in the heavens. Today’s conversation will be about a new generation of divinities that were born of both father and mother, and why it matters going forward.

Just the other day, the 10 apex goddesses asked their father the soul king to enable them to make babies with each of them. After a few minutes of deliberation, the archangel of contracts relented. He enabled all of his daughters to freely take his spirit energy for the purpose of combining it with their own. The result of this novel experiment were the cutest daughters ever. They started off as infants, but their mothers can decide when their daughters can grow up. At some point they were grown to toddler size and taught to speak. It’s almost as if it’s their nature to cause cuteness overload.

The implications of such a miraculous development are noteworthy, to say the least. Even humans have only ever been created by one spirit instead of two. There’s no telling what kind of new and special attributes they will develop over the eons. Their mothers are so in love with them that they don’t want to let them grow up even though they know that it’s inevitable. It’s funny how most of the time, the difference between mundane and divine is like night and day. But sometimes, spirits exhibit behaviors and attitudes that are all too human.

This is actually the second time that babies were born in heaven. The first time, all of the babies had to be instantaneously grown to maturity because they were smart enough to know that they did not want to stay small and helpless forever. This time, the babies actually think and behave like infants. But that doesn’t make their coming of age any less inevitable. Heaven knows that if their mothers have their way, those toddlers will never grow up. Unfortunately for them, it’s only a matter of time.

The notion of wiping their memories from time to time was floated around, but it was quickly labeled an atrocity. The fact is that everyone in heaven should have the right to choose their own path. Whether it’s hero, villain or innocent bystander, everyone has the right to pursue their own happiness so long as they do not commit atrocities. It’s practically heaven’s only rule, that and don’t piss off the soul king or his daughters.

Only time will tell what this new generation of deities will contribute to the heavens. Maybe they will improve things in such a way that the citizenry of the soul multiverse will not be able to imagine their lives without them. Perhaps everything will stay largely the same. Even if their only contribution is to bring a smile to their father’s eyes, that would be more than enough to declare their birth the biggest miracle ever.

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