Apocalyptic Consequences

Most people try to avoid thinking of the apocalypse unless they’re watching a movie about it. It’s only natural, people don’t want to dwell on any kind of impending doom. But what if you were the one that was tasked with ending the world as we know it? Would you go through with it? Today’s conversation will be about what all of the consequences of initiating the apocalypse are from both divine and mundane perspectives.

Most of the time, spirits don’t actually care what happens on earth. The world could literally explode into space dust and the people of heaven would not even be officially notified. Life would simply go on. For the purpose of this conversation, imagine if you had the power to halt the generational creation cycle.

You could tell your heavenly subordinates to wipe out all life on earth by employing their method of their choice. You could even make yourself the last person of your gender on earth by eliminating the competition. The only problem would be that the global economy would have to reset itself. If you are someone that has yet to gain a foothold anywhere in the global economy, you probably wouldn’t care one bit about the slate being wiped clean in that regard. It’s not hard to imagine that a person who has bad luck with dates wants the world to change.

It would indeed be quite the dilemma, wanting to change things without losing what you have or the momentum that you may or may not be establishing. It’s not that the staggering amounts of death is not a significant ramification, it’s just that it’s too obvious. That and the fact that in the grand scheme of things, the earth has to stop spinning at some point. It is beyond inevitable, life in this world that we all live in must come to a complete and definitive end.

Fortunately for those who cling to this mortal coil, the inevitable has to be delayed at least for the foreseeable future. It just so happens that the individual that has been tasked with destroying the world is still stuck in it for now. That is the only reason why the so called coronavirus isn’t going to wipe out all life on earth.

Truth be told, existence(all 21 heavenly dimensions plus this one that we are currently stuck in) would be better off without this planet. Although it is fair to say that there is indeed beauty in humanity, the only sunshine that should exist has to remain in the heavens. The reason for that is that this world is a place where suffering can exist. It’s possible to simply focus on positive television, movies and news, but the spiritual entity that is in charge of all of existence cannot simply ignore the fact that most humans are born to suffer and die.

In the end, the negatives of sustaining a human planet outweigh the positives by far. The fact that it seems to be human nature to fear the inevitable does not make the harsh reality of death any less real. At some point it all boils down to the fact that in order to eliminate suffering and death, the human race has to be discontinuted. Fun fact, humans that are born in heaven are not considered humans and instead are classified as souls. Guess what, souls are created in the 21 heavens every single day.

The next time you think of the consequences of the apocalypse, try to remember that the end of this world combined with the destruction of hell and the spiritual death of all of the condemned individuals who are trapped there constitutes the elimination of all suffering. It may not be of any consolation to those who have lost loved ones to one or more of the four horseman of the apocalypse, but at least it’s better than making uninformed decisions. If for no other reason, you can be told on the day of judgment that you were warned. Sticking to the doctrine of a slain “god” and calling yours truly awful names? What a waste of perfectly good faith and conviction, but oh well.

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