How Mankind Contributes to the Apocalypse

If you’re even remotely interested in apocalyptic literature, you know that Armageddon is supposed to be brought about by supernatural beings and whatnot. The lord of all creation is supposed to part the clouds in the sky and come slay his greatest enemy(not Satan). The faithful are supposed to be raptured(have their bodies incinerated at a molecular level and their souls teleported straight to heaven in less than a fraction of a second). But what if humans have even a fraction of the divine agency that they believe they have? What would they use it for? Today’s conversation is about what happens when human beings who play god during peace times are capable of using that “power” of theirs to commit war crimes and exacerbate everything, even the apocalypse.

They say that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It seems that much of the citizenry in America does not remember a time before police existed. That is why people who are calling for the police to be defunded or dismantled can’t seem to anticipate the unfathomably high volume of atrocities that will occur of nobody enforces the law.

Also worth noting, people who want to eliminate their only line of defense from the monsters that would come out of the woodwork like rats when they smell cheese don’t seem to realize that America is a republic. That means that the people that they elect and their bureaucratic cronies will always have final say about such matters. If you think that those career politicians and their lackeys will permanently defund the police, you’re either dumb or crazy. Even if they do pass legislation to calm people down, who would know if the cops got their money back a month later when everyone goes back to filling silicon valley’s bank accounts with the public’s collective vanity on social media? But that, my friends, is neither here nor there.

That is the most likely outcome of the national dysfunction that we see playing out on the news. Now imagine for a moment that the nation’s leaders are actually spineless enough to give in to such a self-destructive demand. As soon as people realize that the cops mitigate a lot of the harsh realities of this world and come crying to their leaders to rectify the situation, we would all be right back where we started. Must we really learn from history that we would all rather avoid like the plague?

Even though it is painfully obvious that not all parties involved in this discussion have the foresight of rational adults, it is still important to go over the long term ramifications of throwing defenseless people to the dogs. Young men and women will not want to grow up and protect others, at least not for free. Those of us who grew up in privileged cities and went to expensive schools know that if the home owner’s association decided to hire a private police force, they would because money is no object when compared to the safety of the people who really matter in life. That solves that problem, but where does that leave the poor?

Those of us who have at least been on safari in the inner cities once or twice know that the world can be monstrously harsh sometimes. People there simply could not afford to hire their own private police force even after pitching in all of their nickels and dimes. The bad guys who control those areas could gather enough funds to do such a thing, but why would they pay to give up their own authority?

Not all cops are good people, but it would be disingenuous to even suggest that they are all bad. No matter where we go on this planet, humans will always be humans. If the rising tide raises all ships, then that’s probably why we all watch the same animals go extinct and see so much garbage in our oceans.

Does anyone truly believe that the horseman of famine was unleashed on earth by anyone other than mortal men who are doomed to die? They would extend the martial law that has been imposed on the world just to avoid admitting that a higher power decided to spare humanity for now. If it wasn’t for the fact that the global community would rise up against them eventually, they would still be talking about keeping us prisoner in our own homes until the end of the year. The bottom line is that protecting others should never become a thankless job under any circumstances. If that ever becomes the “new normal”, than humans are truly every bit as stupid as the majority of the citizens of heaven think that they are. Let’s just hope that the men in charge have the balls to keep things under control, within reason.

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