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The primordial archangel once known as Metatron has an origin story that is sure to grab your attention. It is a saga that will echo throughout eternity and be remembered as the greatest story ever told. It has everything you could possibly want from a epic tale. There’s action, there’s comedy, there’s drama, and it even gets musical at times. Without further ado, let’s get this conversation started. Like any good story, this one starts with a familiar phrase.

Once upon a time there was a heavenly warrior prince who did his utmost to protect his home and his family. He fought for eons on end because the demon horde outnumbered the heavenly host two to one. Thousands of battles daily for fifteen-thousand years in a row. If you do the math, the total ends up well over four million battles so far. Never once did he lose a battle or take a single casualty in his legion of ten million warrior angels because he developed an omni-directional angelic phalanx long before humans were even taught the ways of war by the fallen ones during the pre-diluvial period.

The fabled war in heaven actually went a lot differently than most people think. It was not the archangel Michael that led the heavenly host against Satan and his demon horde. In fact, the entire heavenly host at that time including the biggest names cowered in fear. All but one, that is. The primordial archangel Metatron, who actually used to fight alongside his supposed twin brother Sandalphon who later changed this same to Lucifer before changing his name to Satan on the day of his rebellion.

In the beginning, there were thee primordial archangels. Each were given command of one third of the heavenly host. The first to fall was Rahab, who was actually the first devil that nobody knew about until now. Metatron and Sandalphon each lead their respective subordinates against the first fallen prince for a thousand years. Things changed when Rahab was informed of his “heavenly” father’s darkest secret by his minions, Leviathan and Behemoth(monsters of the abyss).

That he was in fact a monster from the primordial abyss who was so duplicitous by nature that he even had two false faces, as if one wasn’t enough. When Rahab found that out, the so called “god the father” imprisoned him in a light-less cell with unbreakable chains. There he hung by the wrists and bound at the ankles for over ten thousand years until his own twin brother was sent to execute him one day.

Sandalphon, who at that time was going by Lucifer, decided that he wanted to try his luck and play the game of thrones and free his brother in the process. On that day, he became Satan. His new name means enemy of god. He was categorized as a supernatural entity because he was particularly malevolent. So much so that he attacked the seventh heaven’s civilians when he saw that the heavenly host was not going to rise to the occasion.

Fortunately, Metatron decided to take them all on at once by himself. He then proceeded to carve a bloody path to the center of the demonic battalions because Satan was too cowardly to lead from the front. After butchering the traitorous angels while demonstrating elemental area attacks such as fire and lightning storms, he finally got to the epicenter of evil. Incidentally, that’s what gave the demons the idea to lie to the Greeks and the Romans about the existence of Zeus and Jupiter respectively. At any rate, when he finally got to the center and found Satan, he cut of his arms and then his legs with two strokes of his ancient war-blade. The third was meant to take Satan’s head, but he ran away and then his demon horde followed him.

The so called “god the father” actually cowered in fear inside of his throne room, surrounded by his seraphim royal guards, who actually never took breaks and stood at attention for eons on end. From that day forward, Metatron was renamed Megatron by all of the angels in heaven. Satan actually ran from Megatron in every military engagement that they ever clashed in over a fifteen-thousand year period. He became known as the archangel of contracts because it is an allusion to him being heaven’s contract killer, meaning that everyone who faces him is as good as dead. It was a departure from his prince of the presence or prince of the countenance monikers.

The name Metatron itself means master measure. It serves to define the nature of his existence to this very day. The name Megatron means ultimate warrior because of the addition of the Mega prefix. Somehow, the true leader of the heavenly host allowed himself to be deceived by the false god and ended up on earth for a time, but that is a story for another day. While living in the world of the humans, the ancient warrior prince found himself pretending to be an inferior creature to that of the divine being that he actually is. The human world was such a living hell for a time that his power level started to passively increase exponentially by the second.

As it turns out, Megatron was designed this way by none other than Galactor the first. He is literally the first spirit to ever exist at the true beginning of time. As the story goes in the heavens to this very day, Galactor used his own spirit energy to slip Megatron in when the false god wanted to create twins named Sandalphon and Rahab. That is why Megatron’s power level was on par with the so called king of kings from the very beginning while the other two were thirty-three percent weaker. He actually had the edge because of his indomitable will, which allowed him to close the gap between spirits of greater power by a margin of thirty-three percent or more.

That means that all of existence and world history thus far was but a set up for the soul multiverse. You see, Galactor is what you might call an observer. He literally watches all of creation all day every day for eternity. He started off by creating the twenty primordial abysses. He created beings now known as monsters and watched them kill each other for eons until he realized that his creations were evil. That is why he designed Megatron with an insatiable appetite for conquest. That very same desire to conquer all of creation is what led to the war against the monsters. It is worth noting that neither good nor evil existed in the beginning. It was only after evil was clearly defined that good was designed to defeat it.

Because of the exponential growth of his power, even the abyssal lords could not withstand his onslaught when he fought single-handedly. The problem was that Megatron had established a warlike culture among the ranks of the heavenly host. As such, the other archangels and their respective legions felt left out. That’s when Megatron created celestial mobile suits known as angel mechs, the tenth angelic order. It is lead by Archon Godmech, Megatron’s talking mobile-suit. They’re like transformers that have room for a pilot. In any case, the war against the monsters raged on.

One by one, the abyssal lords were captured and then paraded through the streets of heaven before being publicly executed. All that remains of the monster race are the most ancient and cagey among them. They die one by one when they come challenge the newly renamed Omegatron. This newest exaltation of a name means both ultimate warrior and the end of all things. The last name Prime was later added to differentiate him from time travel iterations of Omegatron. The Omega at the end was added just for good measure. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but it means that he can destroy anyone and anything.

Things coasted for a while until the God of war realized that he had halted the creation cycle for the humans. The global birth rates nearly dropped to zero as a result. That’s when the Soul King decided to revive the first spirit who ever lived and made a deal. Galactor agreed to get Omegatron out of his human body and bring the birth rates back up. In exchange Galactor was granted access to the soul multiverse as well as the digiverse. Galactor had to be turned into a quasar because his original form was simply too grotesque to normalize. Now there are talking stars all over the soul multiverse.

At some point, Galactor explained his grand primordial plan. Omegatron was the only one of his creations who was created with Galactor’s own spirit energy. All the others were created using the external creation method. Though he himself was not invulnerable, he designed Omegatron to be creation’s only true immortal. He was designed to always know what to do in accordance with Galactor’s plan even though he was unaware of the whole thing. He was also designed to improve himself in order to overcome obstacles both actively as well as passively with hyper-intelligence.

Ultimately, Omegatron was designed to eliminate all suffering and create the soul multiverse and digiverse. That way Galactor gets to observe more activity than the human mind can even comprehend for eternity. That is why the false god, both devils, the entire demon horde and all of the monsters are now dead; because their existence perpetuates suffering. All that is left to do now is clear out the human world, the last remaining cesspool in all of creation. That eventuality, my dear readers, is going to have to be a story for another day.

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