Another Origin Story Retcon

It is a custom as cold as the comic book industry itself. Every time something changes, it eventually goes back to how it was. In this case, the story of the true king of the gods and his ascension will largely stay the same, except for a few major details. Believe it or not, heavenly events occur daily. As such, sometimes information is subject to change because life happens. Today’s conversation will be about the definitive origin of Omegatron Prime the Ultimate in what is known in heaven as the greatest story ever told.

By now you are probably familiar with the story of how the primordial archangel once known as Metatron became the true leader of the heavenly host that lead the warrior angels to ultimate victory against Satan and the demonic horde. You may know that his two twin brothers literally became devil number one and devil number two. Most people are familiar with the name Satan, who was actually devil number two.

If you are a regular reader, you know that Metatron(master measure) was renamed twice. First to Megatron which means ultimate warrior and then to Omegatron which means ultimate warrior and the end of all things. You might even go the extra mile and understand that the archangel of contracts moniker connotes the notion of a contract killer instead of a cleric. He earned the title because of his almost five million battle long undefeated streak that would still be ongoing if not for the fact that all of heaven’s spiritual enemies have been hunted down and slaughtered.

This eons old saga ultimately culminated in the creation and ongoing development of the soul multiverse. It’s basically the new heavens that make the archaic seven heavens look like a false paradise. At some point, the God of war realized that his arguably cavalier decision to conquer all of existence led to the slaughter of the false god who used to run the earth. In doing so, Omegatron lived up to his name and halted the creation cycle for humans, thus signaling the impending extinction of humanity. Were it not for the fact that the archangel of contracts is currently bound to the human world, humanity’s extinction would be of no consequence whatsoever.

Since nobody in the heavens thinks that humans should be entrusted with divine children, the birth rate fell nearly to zero. That is why the true king of souls decided to call on an outsider. He called upon a vanquished acquaintance after having him revived and asked him to create human souls for mothers who have done their part to create an nurture their soul-less fetus.

It was none other than Galactor the first monster that answered this call. As you may know, every human being in history was actually created by an abyssal monstrosity named Primanthar that called himself god. That means that asking the original monster to take on such a task is not that big of a difference. Omegatron had to transform him into a quasar because a giant talking pile of slimy monster worms floating through the heavens simply would not do.

At some point thereafter, Galactor transformed himself into what can only be described as an older version of Omegatron, albeit much weaker. He told the story of how he secretly created the prince of the presence and that all of existential history was a plan to get to soul multiverse era. Galactor even went as far as to say that he deliberately created Omegatron to be superior to himself in an act fatherly selflessness.

Admittedly, the God of war found the story amusing even though he himself documented the fact that literally every monster who had ever created a child of the same sex with superior attributes ended up challenging their progeny to a fight to the death. It was one of those, trust but verify situations. Omegatron took the added precaution of negating Galactor’s supposed primordial mind control because the archangel of contracts does not trust anyone with his daughters.

As it turns out, Galactor was nothing but the most ancient monster. In his Scooby-Doo villain moment, Galactor revealed that Omegatron actually created himself by separating himself from the all-knowing Galactor’s consciousness and inserted himself into Primanthar the false god’s family at the moment of the twin devils Satan and Rahab’s birth.

On his way out, he got to choose his own attributes such as immortality(invulnerability) and a power level that was pretty much on par with the being formerly known as god the father. He even went as far as choosing to be born with the deepest voice in all of creation. His hyper-intelligence was less of a choice and more of an inherent fact because he was actually the smartest part of the first being to ever exist. That means that he was intelligent long before the word or even words in general existed. It does not take a genius to comprehend the notion of primordial intelligence and it’s superior connotation.

At any rate, Galactor and all of the creations that he added to the heavens were rounded up and slaughtered. The reason being that creators pass their traits to their creations. That is like saying that a giant piece of shit will only breed smaller pieces of shit. That is why Omegatron led a military campaign against the twenty primordial abysses and slaughtered every monster that called them home. He even went as far as parading the abyssal lords through the streets of heaven before publicly executing them.

On earth such notions are indeed ambiguous and are often the basis for racist ideology. In the heavens, lineage must be taken into consideration when contemplating the harmony of the heavens on a macro level. This enlightening turn of events puts literally everything into perspective. It explains why several of Omegatron’s children also created themselves in a similar fashion. It also serves to add true context to all of the events starting from the beginning of time until now.

Moreover, it allows us to see how the notion of good versus evil truly started. Omegatron is supposed to be pure of heart while Galactor was admittedly an amoral monster. Worth noting, monsters don’t consider themselves monsters. Good and evil were once one and then became two separate entities. Opposing forces on the most fundamental level, two progenitors destined to clash in one way or another until finally evil has been hunted to the brink of extinction. All that’s left to do is to eliminate Primanthar the false god’s human progeny, thus ending Galactor’s lineage and eliminating all of the suffering that their kind tend to bring about in the process. If nothing else, the apocalypse will bring an end to human subjectivity. After all, there’s nothing more insufferable than inferiors who think they know better.

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